Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Around The House

Thought I'd share a few more pics from around the house today. 

This is how I spent a recent Sunday morning...Swedish fish, a cup of tea, and the Sunday paper. I love the Baby Blues comic strip! I've read every single one since it started in January of 1990. :)

hiding electrical cords

I know y'all know how much I Hate Cords Showing, so this is what I did to this one. The original lamp cord was black, so I just taped it down the leg of the table so it wouldn't show. The problem was the part of the black cord that showed on the light colored carpet before it went under the sofa. I simply painted that section a lighter color to blend in with the carpet a little better. :) I just put some wax paper under it while I painted. Extreme??? Yeah, maybe. :)

hampton bay nautical lantern

We bought this light to replace the one in our hallway. I love the nautical look of it. I'll show the before and after soon. 

I made THESE enchiladas again. So, so good!

helpful painting gadget

My blogger friend Diana told me about these nifty little things. If you do a lot of painting, these are a lifesaver. They hold a lot of weight too. I had my hubby pick some up for me at Home Depot. They came in a 10 pack for about $5.

walmart zebra votive candle

I found this little candle while browsing Walmart's Valentine section. Every home needs a little zebra print, right? I also recently picked up some Valentine goodies for my boys. Every Valentine's Day, I fill little baskets with candy for them. One thing I always buy are those Russell Stover Strawberry Cream Hearts. I've given those to them every year since their very first Valentine's Day. :) Below is one of their baskets filled with Valentine goodies. :)

valentine candy

Here's a quick and easy dinner we had the other night. I buy two boxes of this pasta salad and add some grated parm and grape tomatoes. We usually serve it with breadsticks. I love meals that the whole family will eat. :)

hobby lobby wall decor with chicken wire

I bought this wall decoration for my newly painted living room. (love the chicken wire!) We rearranged the furniture after we painted and I needed some new things to fill up wall space. My hubby is going to build a little something extra to go around it, and I'll share that when I show the full painting reveal soon. 

Well, that's all for now. Y'all come back Friday when I'll be sharing how I finally got my grimy stove burners clean. It was extremely cheap and easy. We hardly had to use any elbow grease at all! You won't believe the before and after pics. 



  1. That fleur de lis wall hanging is beautiful! Is that how you spell it? I think painting the cord is pretty brilliant!

  2. Wow! You've been busy! Love your cord painting idea and those enchiladas look yummy! I'm intriged about your stove burners!!

  3. I will have to check out those paint pyramids! I could use those with painting projects. I haven't done anything for Valentines Day. No shopping for it because of the bad weather. Oh well, guess it will be postponed like everything else. LOL! Love your new artwork for the wall.

  4. I have never seen the painting pyramids before. I must have them!! Your enchilada's look super yummy! I love your new light cute! Your new wall hanging is beautiful too!

  5. I love the zebra candle!!! I also love that you make baskets for your boys on Valentine's Day. I had so much fun picking out treats for my daughter this year. It is her first Valentine's Day so we have to do something special!

    1. Hi Kristi! The best part of that zebra candle is that it was only $2! :) Have fun with your daughter on her first Valentine's Day! Girls are a lot more fun to shop for than boys. :)

  6. What a fun post! I have painted cords, swear-it's a sickness, Lisa! You could only buy those pyramids in packs of four before. Did they have any of the heavy duty ones? They are about three times the size of the smaller ones-but shorter and squattier. (not a word, I know). Those enchiladas look fantastic, too. And.....I don't even know what Swedish fish are!!!! xo Diana

  7. I really like your hall sconce -- that's going to look great! The Man has tons of those painter's pyramids, & I borrow them all the time. They are the best little gadget. Oh, I really like new wall decor, and cannot wait to see it in your new living room!

  8. The painting pyramids are so cool...I don't have anything to paint but it will be nice to have them on hand. I love your new light, too! We had Mexican food for lunch but I am still craving your enchiladas!! Yum!!

    My girls nearly cried when I told them no more Easter baskets. And seriously, they were teens! But I think it is very sweet that you love to spoil your boys, they are never too old for that! :)


  9. Painting cords? Yes extreme, but made me think ' why didn't I think of that?! '! totally understand. Can't wait to see that wall art up Lisa! Have a great weekend!

  10. You have been busy. Why didn't I think of painting the cords??? LOl What a great idea! I am going to have to try the enchiladas. My daughter loves them! :) Enjoy your weekend and the gorgeous weather we are having.


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