Wednesday, February 19, 2014

New Hallway Light

We've been on a roll replacing lights lately. We already replaced our foyer light HERE and you can see how we replaced the fluorescent light in our kitchen HERE. I think the only remaining original light fixture was in a hallway. It was definitely time to replace it with something a little more interesting. Here's the new light we chose...

We recently installed it and it felt so good to get rid of this...

Sorry about the grainy pic. We've wanted to replace that thing ever since we moved in almost 14 years ago. I don't know why we didn't replace it sooner. I guess we just never really took the time to find a replacement until now. 

I love the nautical look of it. 

outdoor lantern

It looks so much better than the original light. 

In this close up, you can see how it has seeded glass. 

sconce with seeded glass

It's actually an outdoor fixture, but I think it looks pretty good in this hallway too. Definitely an improvement from the original, don't you think? Best $32 we've spent in awhile. :)

Y'all come back this Friday for the big paint reveal I keep talking about. :) I've had numerous camera issues, so it has taken a lot longer than expected to get that post up. Y'all aren't going to believe how much lighter and brighter it is in here! I should have painted years ago. :)


I'm joining the party at: Common Ground


  1. I'm in love with your new fixture. It looks great in your hallway.

  2. I love that new light fixture! It makes a huge difference. We did the same thing with our house little by little. Lighting can sometimes be overlooked, but it is so important.

  3. I love your new light is just perfect for your hallway!!!! What a great idea to use an outside fixture inside too.

  4. Your new light looks great. Isn't it amazing how a small change can have such a big impact?

  5. Wow, that certainly made a difference! Those little changes always make big impacts!

  6. Hoow pretty! It sure made a difference. Love it,

  7. Hey, Texas girl! I love this fixture, and actually HAVE it on my front porch. Though I love the look, it has been a pain to change the bulbs...but I'm lazy about taking it apart to change it. Glad to have found another Texas blogger. :)


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