Thursday, February 20, 2014

Ikea Look A Like Planters at Target Dollar Spot!!

I just had to pop in very quickly to let y'all know that Target's Dollar Spot now has these little beauties...

target dollar spot planter

Can you believe it??? I shared this on Instagram, but I just HAD to come here and share it too. I've wanted the Ikea ones forever, but I'm not willing to drive that far and they won't ship them either. I was beyond excited to find these in the dollar spot! And they're only $1 each. Sweet!! If you want to follow along on Instagram, you can find me @texasdecor

Also, remember how I talked about my Otterbox Defender Case for my iPhone 5 in my Favorite Things Post? It's extremely durable and has saved my iPhone when I dropped it many times. The cases are normally around $50, but Groupon has them for the iPhone 5/5s right now for only $14.99!! I think they'll only have them at that price for three more days, so get to if you need one. :)

Okay, that's all the deals I have for you now. Y'all have a great evening!



  1. Those are too cute not to buy! Will be looking for them next time I'm in Target!! Thanks for the update!

  2. I have the little white planters you're talking about from Ikea. The ones you found at Target really look similar! What a great buy too. You find the best stuff! I have an iPhone 4 with an otterbox cover. Thanks for the tip on the one for the iPhone 5 though. My oldest son wants to upgrade to that one, so maybe he'll get one of those covers for it too.

  3. Those are darling. I am going to pick some up on my way home tomorrow. Thanks- xo Diana

  4. I was just at Ikea yesterday and saw these ~ I have wanted them for years but never bought them ~ I'll have to run to Target tomorrow and pick up a few (hopefully mine has them). Thanks for the heads up!

  5. These containers are so sweet and perfect to contain a spring flower:) Very pretty!

  6. Thanks for the heads up! I have to get over there.

    Have you ever tried the free app Shopkick? Check it out, I think you would love it.


  7. These are darling, and what a fantastic price. The IKEA ones have just a bit more lace-look, but they are also $5.00 each.

  8. These look exactly like what IKEA has! Thanks for the info!


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