Monday, February 17, 2014

Pier 1, West Elm, and Hobby Lobby Goodies

So, the other day I was playing around on my laptop while the boys watched the season premiere of "Top Gear." They love that show. Anyway, for some reason I started thinking about this cute cable knit sweater mug I saw at Joann's during Christmas time. I didn't buy it and have regretted it ever since. Don't you hate when you do that? Ugh. So, I turned to my hubby and said "I really wish I had gotten that cable knit sweater mug at Joann's when I first spotted it." He was like "cable knit what??" He had no idea what I was talking about, so I googled "cable knit sweater mug" to show him a pic. He was not impressed. :) Basically it's a mug that looks like it's wrapped in a cable knit sweater.

I was certain Joann's wouldn't have it anymore since it was on display with all the Christmas things. Then I noticed when I googled it, a link came up to Pier 1. Hmm...interesting. I thought for sure it was an old link to their Christmas stuff or something and surely they would be sold out by now. Nope. As luck would have it, I clicked on the link and they had it in stock at my local store!! I was so happy! It was exactly what I wanted! 

Then I clicked on their "clearance" stuff because I never leave their site without clicking on that. They always have good deals in their clearance section. Well, I spotted tons of stuff I "needed." I was able to search my local store and check their stock and everything I wanted was in stock. Yippee!

I got to the store at 10AM sharp when they opened the next day. I had a list on my phone of everything I had seen online the night before. I even had the sku numbers just in case I couldn't find something. Well, I found everything and then some. :)

Here are some pics of everything I got...

pier 1 sweater knit mug

Here's my beloved cable knit sweater mug. It wasn't on clearance, but it was only $7.

I love this little bunny and I've always wanted a candle snuffer. The candle snuffers I'd seen before were around $35, but this one was only $5.98! The bunny was $2.95.

clock with bling

I love this clock! It was $7.98.

These metal and wooden spheres were on clearance for $1.48 each.

I love mercury glass and this candle holder was $5.98. The smaller candle was only $1.95. 

candle snuffer

That gold candle holder wasn't on my list, but I went ahead and got it too. I think it was $9.95. 

pier 1 orbs

Here's another pic of all the spheres. My mom went to her Pier 1 and grabbed a few of these too. 

Here's another pic of the clock and mug. You can see the size of the clock here. 

Here's a closer pic of the gold candle holder and the detail on the candle snuffer. So pretty!

My sweet blogger/instagram friend, Brandi was kind enough to share an awesome deal going on at West Elm recently. She posted on IG about a super sale they were having with lots of $5 stuff and free shipping! I hopped on over to the West Elm site and quickly put these three goodies in my cart. All three of these mercury glass candle holders were only $5 each with free shipping!! I can't tell you how many great deals I've gotten just by seeing them posted on IG. Thanks again, Brandi!! 

Can you believe I got those candle holders above for only $5 each AND free shipping??? They also arrived on my doorstep in just three days!

Now for the metal spheres. I saw these below at Hob Lob a couple of weeks ago but didn't buy them. (I've got to stop doing that...from now on if I see something I want, I'm definitely buying it on the spot) I went back a few days ago and couldn't find them anywhere. They weren't on the same aisle they were on when I first saw them. I was about to give up when I remembered an episode of CSI where Grissom said "always look up, people always forget to look up." Of course, he was talking about following the evidence, but I decided to give it a try. (and yes, I watch way too much CSI and tv in general) I had my son with me and I said, let's go back and look for them again. This time I looked up and would you believe on the very top shelf there was a basket pushed way back, but I could see the top of a sphere poking out. I was so excited! I had my son reach up and bring the basket down and it was filled with the metal spheres!!

hobby lobby metal spheres

I was literally giddy with excitement! I think I squealed a little bit and totally embarrassed my son. :) Well thank you, Gil Grissom. :)

I also picked up some weathered wood paper. I'm not sure what I'm going to use it for, but I wanted to have it on hand. If nothing else, it'll make a nice background for blog pics. :)

I'll show you where all these goodies ended up in my home when I show you the big paint reveal this Friday. 

Did anyone else get in on the West Elm or Pier 1 deals?

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Wow!! You found some amazing deals!!! Love those metal spheres.....they are so cool looking!!! Can't wait to see where you use them. Have a great week!!!

  2. You are a real go getter! You got the idea in your head to get those items and planned your day for it. I like that! We would shop well together. LOL! I love what you bought. You can't go wrong with all that pretty mercury glass. I'm in love with those metal spheres too! I didn't know that Hobby Lobby sells those. you've gotten ME interested in them! See what you've done now? Can't wait for your big reveal.

  3. I love all the stores you, please excuse me while I go over to see if I can possibly find that amazing clock...!! :)
    xo bj

  4. hahhhaaa.....I just HAD to come back and tell you that when I searched Pier 1 for the cute clock, it wasn't there. I clicked off....then thought about what you said about "looking up"....went back to their site and noticed there was a Page 2 I hadn't seen before....clicked on it and there it was...our store has 2 left and I am on my way to get one of them. :))
    Thanks for the great tip....
    xo bj

  5. No- I didn't get ANY of those deals. lol I am kind of on a self-imposed NO BUY kick. I have so much stuff that I need to really get rid of some stuff. Especially if we are thinking about selling and moving. Love your finds. I have had a MONKEY candle snuffer (for years) and my oldest dd got me a beautiful sterling silver one for Christmas this year-it dangles like yours does. My other one is stationary. I love putting the candles out with them and not having wax blown everywhere. xo Diana

  6. Great finds and yes, I love all those stores. I'm just not buying right now...still trying to figure out things after my move. I did get rid of a ton of stuff then so I really don't "need" anything at the moment. Trying to weigh the "needs' vs the "wants". :)

    P.S. I, too, love mercury glass!

  7. You are a fantastic deal hunter!! Good for you getting your mug (so cute) and the rest of the bargains. I was at Pier 1 the week before last, I mentioned on a post I found Christmas napkins for pennies. I didn't see many of the things you found but I wasn't in a spending mood! Ha!

    I have been noticing the metal spheres in a lot of stores, they are so neat. I got something somewhat like what you have but I'm saving it for my living room reveal. I am reading a lot about mixing metals in with softer decor and that is sort of the direction I went. And I can't wait to see YOUR reveal! :)


  8. You found so many nice things! We'd be great shopping buddies! I haven't been to Pier One in a while. I think I should pop in more often. Thanks so much for mentioning me. I think you're pretty sweet too!!


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