Sunday, June 16, 2013

Hiding Those Cords!

I really hate cords. I'm always trying to hide them. My son's room has a little shelf with his tv on it and there were a ton of cords running down behind the shelves. I found a neat way to hide them. :) 
Can you tell what I did? 

It's just a piece of fabric the same color as the wall! We just stapled it to the back part of the shelves and routed the wires behind it. 

We tethered the shelves to the wall (remember I have boys-ha!) so I couldn't turn it around to fully show you what we did. We cut a hole in the fabric so we could still attach it to the wall. :)

You can kind of see it better in this pic. I really lucked out and found fabric that closely matched the wall color. You could also get a patterned fabric. So many fabrics and patterns would work. Just use whatever you like. 

You can see how the cords are going up and over the top of the fabric here. 

Speaking of cords, this is how my lamp in the bathroom used to look. It's always bothered me that you can see the cord. 

Even when it's plugged in, it still showed too much for my liking. 

I solved this conundrum by simply placing a plate behind the lamp. 

Here's how it looks when unplugged.

Even when it's plugged in, it still hides most of the cord. :)
To see a full tour of the bathrooms, click HERE
Hopefully I gave you an idea or two today. Do y'all hate cords as much as I do? :)


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  1. That is a wonderful idea. I just may have to still them from you.

  2. I hate seeing cords, too, Lisa! I'm always trying to think up ideas for hiding them. I've used painters tape on table legs and I recently just made table skirts for the master bedroom side tables and it works out that they hide the lamp cords.

  3. Fabulous idea. Love the fabric, how fun and what a creative idea. The plate is a good idea too. Thanks tons for joining Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty

  4. Those are some good tips! I hate looking at cords too. One way that I've found that helps, when you can't hide the cord like you did, is to paint the cord to match its surroundings. For example, your lamp cord could be painted white to match the counter and outlet. I've been known to do that from time to time. One day, we'll probably live in an age when there aren't any cords (sort of like our cell phones).

  5. Great tips because I hate seeing so many cords too!
    Mary Alice

  6. Like this idea, I too hate cords!

    1. Thank you, Diane! I'm always trying to hide them! :)

  7. I'm pinning this! Such a genius idea!! Thanks!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

  8. The fabric is a great idea.
    I have a tangled mess on my office bench with a power board that I need access to when I want to take my laptop computer to my work.
    My solution to hiding this ugly mess was to buy a small Chinese table screen. Much prettier. Now I see pretty Chinese ladies in a garden.

    1. Thanks, Melissa! I like your idea of the Chinese screen. I bet that does make it a lot prettier. :) Thanks for your sweet comment!

  9. Very smart using a piece of fabric. I thought it was the wall. But I suppose you could even make it with a contrasting fabric that matched the room. Good idea!

  10. Great ideas, cords drive me crazy!!!! We would love for you to share at our first Super Summer Saturday party here:!


  11. I'm like you, don't much seeing those cords! Clever ideas for hiding them!!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!!!

  12. This is a great tip! I pinned it to my "Tips and Tricks" board. Thanks so much for linking it to the Grace at Home party!

  13. What a great idea - you could even paint a white fabric the color of the walls actually!!!
    Thanks for sharing


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