Monday, February 3, 2014

My Favorite Table

How is everyone? Today I wanted to give you a closer look at one of my favorite pieces of furniture...

reproduction kidney table

We got it at an antique store, but it's actually a reproduction. I love the shape of the top. And by the way, these pics were taken before we painted in there. Paint reveal pics coming soon, I promise! :)

See those handles? The top is actually a tray and comes right off!

Here it is below without the tray. 

I love the door on it too. Inside I keep my mom's wedding china and crystal. 

kidney shaped table

Isn't it a pretty pattern? I think it's called "Wyndcrest" by Lenox.

wyndcrest china pattern

I also had to show y'all another one of my favorite tables. I don't think I've ever shown this little hallway before. 

I got that set of keys at an antique store for only $2!

Surprise! It's actually a jewelry chest! My son once hid a post it note in that drawer with the date on it to see how long it took me to find it. I rarely open that drawer, so it took about 6 months! Lol!

I love the key with the little tassle. I got this at The Bombay Company back in the day. 

This has nothing to do with my table, but I thought you'd get a kick out of it. AT&T is our home internet provider. So, the other day, we got an email from them that said we'd gone over our allotted 150 gigabytes for the month. What??? I just assumed our HOME internet was unlimited. I mean, I know we have a limit on our cell phones through Verizon, but I thought our wireless home internet was totally unlimited. My hubby informed me that it is NOT unlimited. He said he never mentioned we actually had a cap on it because he never in a million years dreamed we'd go over that amount. :) Apparently everyone with AT&T has a cap on their home internet, but I was unaware of this. 

I guess with all of us home for the holidays, etc. we were on the internet a lot more than usual. I'll go ahead and admit it right here...we're all pretty much addicted to all our devices. Even when we're watching tv, we're usually on our phones, iPads, etc. at the same time. AT&T was pretty generous and told us that they'd spot us another 10 gigabytes at no charge to get us through the billing cycle. They even said if it happens again, they'll just spot us another 10 gigabytes, but if it happens a third time, then they'll have to start charging us. :)

Oh yeah...they also told us that LESS THAN TWO PERCENT OF THEIR CUSTOMERS EVER GO OVER THEIR ALLOTTED 150 GB PER MONTH FOR HOME INTERNET!! Can you believe it? We're pretty special, I guess. Lol!

Thanks for visiting and hope y'all have a great day!



  1. Those little tables in your home are so pretty! I love the one with the tray that comes off. We use a lot of electronic devices with the internet too. I have no idea what our coverage is since my husband handles it all. I know we are addicted to it because we all come home and then get on one of our devices and use them all night off and on.

  2. LOL- You ARE special! That is a LOT of internet usage! Ours IS unlimited through our carrier.
    That little table is gorgeous with the tray on top and I really like the one from the Bombay Co., too. That was such a fun place to visit years ago. It's a nice little jewelry stand. xo Diana

  3. I had no clue about the internet cap. Guess it's just me here so I haven't gone over. :) AT&T has gone up so much that I think I'm going to have to change providers.

    Love your tables! Bombay was a great place to find sorry when they closed.


  4. Your little tables are perfect. I really like little landing spots like that.

    We have AT&T Uverse and haven't ever gone over. I'm kind of amazed!! Didn't know there was a limit and let me tell you...there's way too much internet going on around here.

  5. Love your little table with the tray on the top and the fact that you seem to treasure your's Mom's china. I still hang on to mine even though we haven't used it in YEARS but always thinking my daughter or grand girls might like the set some day! Your tomato basil soup looks great...need to try it!

  6. Very nice, Lisa! I love the sentiment behind the china!! Nice touch!

  7. Your tables are so pretty and I love the china! The first one with the tray looks like it was made to fit that corner.

    I think we have A&T. Hubby takes care of it at work. It's not so bad around here anymore with just one daughter left. But she is usually on her IPad 24/7!


  8. Your table is so pretty and original and you have it decorated beautifully. Love the china!


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