Saturday, December 9, 2017

DIY Christmas Tree Collar ~ For Free!

I've had the same Christmas tree skirt since before my boys were born. We picked it up at Kroger while standing in the check out line. It was a last minute purchase, as we realized we didn't have a tree skirt. And it matched my decor perfectly, which was burgundy and hunter green. Hey it was the 90's, okay? :) 

So after using that skirt for over 23 years, I started craving something new. I liked the clean look of tree collars, so I decided to go in that direction. As I looked online, I noticed most were around $60. I did find a few that were cheaper, but I didn't like the designs. 

I had an idea to make my own using cardboard and wrapping paper. Here's a peek at my DIY Christmas tree collar...

It turned out exactly like I envisioned! 

So the first step was to find a cardboard box that was the right size. We actually had this one in the garage that worked perfectly. Here's what the box looked like before I customized it to fit my needs...

I just cut off the end flaps. It was now the perfect size of 13" tall by 51" long. 

I always use Hobby Lobby heavy duty wrapping paper because it holds up so well and doesn't tear easily. I also love the grid lines on the back for cutting straight lines. And it's always half off in December. 

I simply cut a strip of paper to the size I needed and taped each end to the cardboard...

Here's the finished product...

It's very basic, but did the job well. And here it is under my tree...

For comparison, my tree is 7 1/2 feet tall and this size (13 by 51 inches) covered the tree base pretty well. You can just run the light cord under the collar or leave an opening in the back.

I tried all different papers, but liked how the red stood out the best.

This green was pretty, but I thought it was too much green with the tree...

I really thought I'd love this paper that looks like burlap, but it blended right in with my carpet and made it look like the tree was floating. Keep the color of your flooring in mind when choosing the paper. 

This polka dot paper was my second favorite...

So there you go, a DIY Christmas tree collar for little to no money. Have you done any DIY projects lately? 

I'll be sharing my Christmas Home Tour soon, so be sure to check back. 



  1. Genius and this looks so great. Love your fur babies helping you!

  2. Wow...great, great, great idea! I love all the papers, but you know me, red is my favorite! I have to tell you, Hobby Lobby just opened near me and last week, I bought two rolls of their paper and you are right, it is amazing...and a bargain for that huge roll, after the 50% off. I am hooked!!


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