Sunday, November 27, 2016

Me to We Bracelet

As I was browsing the black Friday ads, surprisingly, only one thing caught my eye. It was these cute Me to We Rafiki bracelets at Walgreens for $5.99...

It was just by chance that I saw them (well, I'm sure the Universe had it all planned out) ;) Anyway, I'd never heard of them and just thought they were cute, reasonably priced bracelets. 

Then I decided to Google "Me to We bracelets" to see if there was some significance to them. Turns out, there is. I took this pic of the packaging mine came in...

Here's the exact one I bought...

Walgreens has several bracelets to choose from. Some say "Health"  some say "Water" and some say "Education." Depending on which bracelet you buy, your donation helps in one of those areas. 

For instance, I bought the "Health" one. There's a code on the back of each package. Then I went to their website and clicked on "track your impact" and entered the code. Then this is what it displayed...

Isn't that neat? 

If you sign up for updates on their website here they'll give one week of clean water to a family in a community overseas. 

Here's what my bracelet looked like when I took it out of the packaging. You could even wear it as a necklace...

I twisted mine over to make a double loop, and then brought one loop up and twisted in again to make it fit my wrist. 

 I think they're so pretty. 

I've heard other stores sell them as well and what a nice way to give back. These would make such great Christmas gifts, stocking stuffers (what teenage girl wouldn't love a bracelet?) and even a secret Santa gift or a girlfriend party gift. Or you could think ahead to Mother's Day or upcoming birthdays. Or just as a gift to yourself, as I've done. :) 


Friday, November 25, 2016

Two Quick Things (free money!) and a Holly Pic

I've been meaning to share these sites with you and finally sat down to do it. Have you heard of It's a website where you simply put your name and state in the search box and it'll do a search to see if you're owed any money. With Christmas coming up, I think we could all use a little extra cash in our pockets, right? :) 

Sometimes we cancel a credit card or a wireless account and the company still owes us money. This is where you'll find it. A friend of mine searched and found that a bank owed her $200 from a forgotten closed account and another $100 from a doctor's office.

You'd be surprised at how many banks, credit card companies, etc. owe people money, but can't find them due to a move or something else. So they post everything on this site and it makes it so easy to search. I search periodically throughout the year, as it's updated all the time.

A few tips: Search by your married AND maiden name. Also, search by all states/provinces you've lived in. Not every state is on the list yet, but they're adding new ones monthly. If yours isn't listed, it will usually give a link to your state's unclaimed property site and you can search there. Also, if you have a deceased relative, you can search their name. My mom recently found out her father (my grandfather, who died well over a decade ago) was owed a good amount of money from an old electrical provider. She's in the process of providing proof that she's his daughter to receive the money. 

And good luck! Let me know if any of you get lucky. :)
I can't do a post without a pic, so here's cute Holly Joaquin taking a nap on the clean (warm) clothes I just folded...

This is another site I keep meaning to share. Here it is:

It's a website where you can search for the maintenance schedule for your car, search diagnostic trouble codes (and what they really mean) and get part replacement help.

On the main site, just click on the "tips and advice" tab in the upper right corner. Then is will show you a drop down menu with these choices:

Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Part Replacement Help
Maintenance Schedule

Sometimes we misplace the owner's manual that comes with our car or we bought a used car and need to know the maintenance schedule. Even if you have the manual, this is a much easier and quicker way to search for when to do that oil change, tire rotation, etc. 

Sometimes a diagnostic trouble code will pop up on the dash screen and we have no idea what it means. If you click on "diagnostic trouble codes" from the tips and advice drop down menu, this will tell you. 

Anyway, this is just a tip I've been meaning to share in case it helps anyone out. :) 

Hope you all have a great day!


Monday, November 21, 2016

Thanksgiving Tablescape Video and Pics

Hello and happy Thanksgiving week! Have y'all been watching all the Christmas movies on the Hallmark channel? Oh my goodness, I think I still have 5 or 6 in my dvr queue. Love those movies!

We're hosting Thanksgiving here, so this week will be busy for me with lots of meal prep and cleaning. I love it all!

So today I'm back to share my Thanksgiving tablescape with you. I'm including the video I posted on YouTube as well as some still shots to go with it. Enjoy!

Don't forget you can click on the square on the bottom right of the video to watch it in full screen. Also, if you click on the words "YouTube" at the bottom of the video, it'll open it up on the YouTube site and from there, you can click the "subscribe" button to subscribe to my videos. That way, they'll be delivered to your inbox as soon as I post them. :) 

You'll notice I'm sharing several ways to do a place setting this year. The one below is my favorite...

This is a fun idea of putting the silverware in a little burlap sack. 

An easy centerpiece with a pumpkin (spray painted white), mini orange pumpkins, candles, and a fall garland wrapped around the base. (a wreath would work too)

Another idea with the silverware tied together with orange and white baker's twine. I added a chalkboard tag (from Target dollar spot)

And that's it! Wishing you all a safe and fun Thanksgiving with family and friends! xoxo

P.S. Don't forget to thaw those turkeys in the fridge. :)


Thursday, November 17, 2016

Finally...Some Organization for my Jewelry

I've been wanting/needing to organize my jewelry for a long time. I was reminded of this again last week when I was looking for something in my jewelry box and came across several things I didn't even know I had. Everything was so stuffed in there, things would fall to the bottom only to be forgotten about.

I used to have a few command hooks inside the linen closet door in my bathroom. It was a convenient way to hang a few necklaces, but quickly became disorganized when I kept hanging more and more necklaces on top of one another. They would get tangled and I still couldn't really see everything I had. 

I counted everything up and I had about 40 necklaces and just as many earrings, as well as various bracelets, watches and yes...even a toe ring. Lol! 

So, we went to The Container Store this weekend and it didn't disappoint. I could spend hours in there, and I pretty much did. 

Here's what I came home with...

I got two of those cute jewelry organizers that look like a little black dress. Oh, and I also picked up a few scoops for my kitchen canisters for $1.50.

As you can see, each "dress" has 33 pockets on one side and 17 loops for storing necklaces on the other. I like that the loops are velcro, which makes it so easy to grab something. Other ones had snaps and I didn't think I'd have the patience for that. Ha! 

They also have a swivel hook at the top, so you can easily flip it around from one side to the other without removing it from the closet rod, or wherever you hang it. 

Here's what mine looked like when I finished organizing everything...

The front side...

And the back side...

Jewelry organizers: $9.99 each at The Container Store

I still use my jewelry box for several things, but this really helped me to actually see most everything I have at a glance. 

Oh, and here's a look back at my old system. Pretty barbaric compared to the new organized one...

P.S. That's my recipe for homemade eye makeup remover on that little sticky note. Equal parts water, baby wash, and olive oil.

How do you organize your jewelry? I never leave the house without earrings and usually a necklace too. The only downside to this new storage system is that now it takes me longer to get ready in the mornings because now that everything is clearly displayed, I have a hard time deciding what jewelry to wear. Almost too many choices. Almost. ;) 


Monday, November 14, 2016

Fall Garden Blooms

 Y'all were all so sweet with your comments on my picture post and my first video. Thank you!!! (I think Miss Holly Joaquin stole the show in the video~lol!) It was a lot of fun to do and I hope to have another video up soon. 

For now, I thought I'd share some pics of my backyard garden. We're finally cooling down a bit, but things are still blooming really well.  

I put this one on IG. Love the dappled sunlight on the ground. Doesn't it almost look like you'd expect a garden fairy to peek around that tree at any moment? 

The lovely Blue Plumbago...

Love when this purple Gomphrena pops up. We planted them a couple of years ago and they still surprise us with blooms from time to time.

One of the Lantana that's NOT in between bloom cycles. ;) 

My hubby found this turtle shell on the ground and placed it on top of Wilbur. He looks so happy to have it on his belly. :) 

This plant below is called a Candlestick tree. My mom gave us a seed from hers and we planted it in a pot. It took off in no time at all and we transferred it to the ground. Love the yellow fall blooms. 

More Lantana...

Love these $1 mums from Walmart...

And that's all for now. Thanks for stopping by!


Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Hello There!

So I'm finally sharing a pic of me on here. :) Now you can put a face with a name...

My son took this pic of me last weekend. He always has so much going on that I literally had to make an appointment with him to have my pic taken. Ha! And P.S. I'm loving my new bangs!  

And a little intro in case you're new here...

My name is Lisa and I've been blogging at Texas Decor for about three and a half years. I've been married for 26 years and we live in the Houston area. I'm a stay at home mom of two boys. Dylan is 22 and about to graduate college with a Bachelor of Business Administration in supply chain management and Logan is 17 and is a senior in high school. Logan plans to pursue a degree in film. 

I really enjoy blogging and sharing decorating ideas, money saving tips, holiday decor and a few recipes here and there. You can also follow me on Instagram @texasdecor 

A few things I, cozy mystery books, movies, decorating my home, shopping, and the fall and winter months. It's so hot here that we really appreciate it when the temps fall below the triple digits. :) 

 Thanks for stopping by!


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