Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Painting A Crown

Okay, so I kept seeing all these cute crowns all over blogland. I really wanted a small one to display somewhere. As luck would have it, I was at Garden Ridge right after Christmas and they had this crown ornament on clearance for $1.61. Into the cart it went. :)

Here's a close up. At first I thought I might keep it red and only display it at Valentine's Day and Christmas, but then I decided to paint it a neutral color and keep it out year round. 

I wasn't sure how well the paint would stick to the sparkly part, but it did pretty well.

Below is the paint I used. I love when Lowes puts out those postcards with a coupon for a free jar of paint! This one is called "cathedral stone."

The paint went on pretty well with my foam brush.

But it was hard to reach the insides, so I started using a q-tip...

Then the q-tip looked like this in no time... 

So I switched to using a tiny paint brush from a painting set my kids had when they were little. Glad I kept all those brushes!

Here's what it looked like when I was done. You can still see a few red sparkles, but it's not bad for a whopping $1.61, right? 

I still thought the color was just a tad too dark, so I gave it a light coat of Heirloom White and then it was perfect. :)

Here it is in its new home on my kitchen buffet. 

It's not nearly as nice as the ones I've seen in blogland, but I'm still pretty happy with it. :)

Be sure to check back Friday when I'll be sharing my Valentine's Day decor. 

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  1. Lisa, how pretty! It looks beautiful on your buffet!

  2. Lisa, crown is cute. Don't you just love those small paint containers from Lowe's. I love them too for small projects around the home.

  3. Very pretty, Lisa! I like how the painting turned out. I have to find out how to get those Lowe's postcards. We always go to Home Depot because it's 5 minutes away.


  4. Easy and inexpensive; my kind of craft. It looks really cute on your buffet.

  5. That's darling! I really like it. Painting it was a great idea.

  6. Great find....I love the color too! Can't wait to see your Valentine's Day decorations :o)

  7. Love the crown and its new color!! Looks great!

  8. Well, I loved the red but it looks great now too!



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