Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sweet Pork, Lime Cilantro Rice, and Chile Verde Dressing Recipes

I'v had several requests for these recipes lately and I did put them on Instagram (you can find me @texasdecor) but I thought I'd share them here too. 

I originally got these recipes from "the best neighbor ever." I've talked about her before HERE. They are seriously the best neighbors. We could trust them with our house, kids, pets, etc. They even watered all our plants (and there's a lot) while we were on vacation for over a week! We also took our fishbowls over to their house once while we were out of town so they could feed them for us. :) I'll never forget carrying those fish bowls across the street very carefully. Hee! Anyway, they had us over for dinner one night and this is what they served. Oh my was delicious!! Even my youngest son who is the pickiest eater ever ate this and now he even requests it for dinner. :)

I changed up her recipe for the sweet pork a little, but it was only because I either forgot to do something, or was out of some ingredients, etc. and it still tasted the same. So, here's my revised version of her recipes. Or you might want to call it the "lazy, forgetful" version. :)

pulled pork recipe

Doesn't that look good?

sweet pulled pork recipe

Be sure NOT to use diet coke. Also, I usually cut the tenderloin into four pieces before putting it in the crock pot. There will be a lot of juice when it's done. Sometimes I drain a little of the juice out before we eat it. 

Here's the sweet pork in the crock pot. My mouth is watering looking at these pics!

pulled pork with brown sugar

This is the best rice I've ever tasted. I love cilantro and lime together. I usually make the rice in the morning and just put it in the fridge. Then I just warm it up in the microwave when we're ready to eat.

This dressing is so very good! You'll want to make this in the morning too and just cover and refrigerate it until you're ready to eat. I've been known to dip tortilla chips in it if there's any leftover. :) The color in the pic below is a little off. It's more of a white color (like in the first picture) I had it in a green bowl, so I think that's why it came out a little green. 

Please let me know if y'all try this. It's on our regular dinner rotation and all four of us love it. And a big thank you to the best neighbor ever for giving me these recipes! We love you all and think of you every time we make this. :)

Y'all come back tomorrow (Thursday) for the big Master Bedroom Makeover post. We did much more than just paint in there. :)



  1. Mercy! That looks amazingly good! My husband is a good cook, so I'm going to share this with him. I bet he'll want to make this. The flavors in it just sound so appealing. We love pork anyway. Thanks for sharing the recipe and I'll let you know if we make it.

  2. It all looks incredibly yummy, Lisa! You're quite the cook!! If I'm ever in Texas I will be stopping by for dinner :)

  3. Wow, it all looks sooooo delicious! I'll have to add it to the recipes I want to try :o) Can't wait to see your master bedroom!!

  4. I am saving the recipes, Lisa! They all look wonderful! Especially that pulled pork-Oh My!!!! Can't wait to see your bedroom makeover tomorrow- xo Diana

  5. Yum, I love pork too and this recipe looks amazing.

  6. I had to save this post! Thank you for the recipes, Lisa. They sound amazing!


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