Monday, February 10, 2014

Totally Random Pics and How To Back Up Your Blog

Hi everyone! I thought I'd share a few random pics from my phone. I shared most of these on Instagram. I kinda feel like I have two on IG and this one. :) You can find me on IG at "texasdecor."

monkey bread

I recently made this pull apart sweet bread. Oh my, the house smells so good while it's baking. :) I didn't attach the recipe, but it's your standard monkey bread recipe made with frozen bread dough, brown sugar, cinnamon, and butter.

favorite cat toys

Here's Miss Holly Cat with all her toys. With all this to play with, what do you think her favorite one is? Yep, that plastic straw. Just like a kid. Sometimes the cardboard boxes were more fun than the actual present. :)

I love this pic I captured of Holly. The sun was shining just right on her pretty little face. 

cat leash and harness

Speaking of Miss Holly, we bought her a leash and harness so we could take her out in the backyard from time to time just to let her explore while still being safe. Umm..she DID NOT like it. Have any of you ever had success with putting a leash/harness on your CAT? Let me know if you have any pointers. 


I made some Valentine cookies the other day. They were gone in no time. :)

This probably shows just how much of a dork I am, but I love these fridge magnets. I refer to them constantly. :) I think I got them at Lillian Vernon many years ago.

icicles on car

Ice, ice baby! Yep, that's ICE on the car! We recently experienced some cold weather. This was taken around 3pm and we still had icicles. That's rare around these parts. :)

Here's the "snow" we got when my kids recently had a "snow day." I love my "snow" covered bridge in the backyard. :)

One more thing...would you believe I've never backed up my blog? I know. I've been blogging almost a year and never done it. I finally did and followed THIS TUTORIAL on how to back up your blogger blog to your computer. It was very simple and worked like a charm. :) I also saved my blog to a flash drive in case I ever have problems with my computer. I plan on backing it up at least once a month, maybe more often. If you haven't backed up in awhile, do it now. It really is important. :)

Y'all stay warm!



  1. I'm like you Lisa, I just recently started backing up my blog too! That bread looks yum and Holly, is definitely a gorgeous feline! Stay safe, ice is worse than snow for sure!

  2. Hi Lisa!! You have my mouth watering with that pull apart bread! Looks delish! And Holy Moly, that's some serious ice on your car!!
    I've never backed up my blog!! Gonna read that tutorial ASAP! Thanks!

  3. Lisa- What a fun post- random posts are always fun I think. I just backed my blog up-I do it about once a month but realized that I had never backed my template up-so I just did that, too. Thanks for the reminder. xo Diana

  4. I've never backed up my blog. That's not good, is it?! Guess I should check out your link then. That monkey bread looks good. It's not on my diet though. Hmm....neither are those cookies. I'm trying to cut out all junk food to improve my cholesterol. Not fun! I miss it terribly. We're getting some bad weather today and tomorrow. Not fun either! Don't I sound like a pessimist right now? LOL.

  5. Great photos! I make a monkey bread similar to that ~ so good with coffee in the mornings. The cookies look great too. I have backed up my blog in the past...need to do it regularly though. Thanks for the reminder!

    Cold, cold today ~ freezing drizzle now and snow flurries are forecast. :( Please remind me of this about July, ok?


  6. I love Monkey Bread. Those cat eyes are beautiful......hope you have a wonderful week.

  7. I have backed up my blog, but not regularly and I am not even sure I am doing it right. Have to check that link to be sure...flash drive is a great idea. I am really proud of my work and I too have been at it almost a year. It would be a bummer to lose it. Thanks for the reminder, Lisa.

    1. I think you'll like that tutorial. It has pictures and everything. If I can do it, anyone can. :) I'm not computer savvy at all. I liked the flash drive idea's kinda like a backup for your backup. :)


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