Friday, December 21, 2018

Guest Bathroom Makeover and Cookies!

The guest bathroom makeover is complete! Well, I may still paint it a lighter color like the rest of the house, but for now it's done. 

Again, there's no natural light in here, so the pics are a little dark. But here's an overall shot...

bathroom refresh

I love the striped shower curtain and that it's 100% cotton. So soft!

Before we get too far, this is a look at the old bathroom in all its blue and brown glory...

Remember when I said Monica Geller's blue and brown striped sweater inspired this bathroom? Well, I finally came across an episode with the sweater! Here you go...

bathroom makeover

Lol! It had a good run, but I'm really loving the new grey, black and white look in there now. 

Okay, back to the makeover. I didn't do much...just a new black and white shower curtain, dark grey towels, a light grey bathmat, a new wall cabinet and a new grey hobnail soap dispenser. 

Here's a close up of the bathmat. I have these in all my bathrooms because I love them so much. They're from Kohl's, are 100% cotton and are reversible. I wash mine at least twice a month and they hold up beautifully. 

Here's the tag that tells exactly which one it is...

What's funny is that I didn't even realize how well the black framed mirror and grey and white counters would go with my new additions! A happy surprise!

With no windows in here, it's always hard to get a shot of the light fixture, so here's my best try... 

You might notice I didn't add a lot of decor items in here and that was totally intentional. I streamlined my decor last summer and never looked back. You can see my new streamlined looks HERE and HERE

I love this little cabinet in here for extra storage... 

Ignore the bad lighting and concentrate on the cute hobnail soap dispenser and crystal knobs on the drawers... 

A close up of the details on the wall cabinet...

I love small details like this switch cover. We replaced almost all the light switch covers and outlet covers in our house with these. They're inexpensive and add a custom look...

They even have the ones that fit GFCI outlets now, so of course I had to get those too. :) 

I kept this metal scroll thingy above the door, but didn't replace the print that was above the towel bar. I might add something later, but for now I'm liking the minimal look. 

I also wanted to share a quick cookie idea I got from my friend Kris at 

Don't these look delicious?

See the bits of sea salt on top? It really brings out the flavor of the chocolate. Yum! 

Here's all you do...bake these Nestle Tollhouse cookies (or any chocolate chip cookie recipe) and grind a little sea salt on top during the last couple of minutes of baking. 

Thanks, Kris for the fabulous idea! 

And that's it! Thanks for stopping by!



  1. I love how fresh and clean it looks! That soap dispenser is lovely!!!

  2. I love it! Just beautiful and I laughed at the found it!! I bet if I showed it to my kids they would tell me exactly what episode that junkies! Enjoy the room!

  3. Merry Christmas and wishing you peace, joy and happiness in the new year.

  4. Love the updates, especially the cabinet, very nice. Did you get the light switch covers at Home Depot?

  5. Hellooooo Oh so happy you tried the wonderful chocolate chip cookies. So easy and yet everyone thinks you baked a gourmet cookie. Glad you liked them. Have a wonderful weekend and a beautiful Christmas.
    Merry Christmas,


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