Monday, July 23, 2018

My Streamlined Decor: Part 1

Lots of decor pics today! So I was browsing IG and kept noticing a theme...streamlined decor, less clutter, simple style. And you know what? I liked it! I had just settled in with my kindle and a steaming cup of coffee to read the afternoon away but then...I started looking around my own home and began to mentally remove things from tables, counters, etc. Then I realized how easy it would be to clean and dust with less stuff. ;)

I removed everything from the tops of my kitchen cabinets years ago. Then that led to removing things from the top of the fridge. I guess this was the next logical step. Lol! 

So I set my coffee aside and began in the dining room at the front of the house and worked my way back, removing piece after piece of decorative items. I'll start by sharing the dining room, entry and living room today. Then I'll do another post sharing the kitchen, breakfast room, master bedroom and bath. 

Most of the dining room is the same, save for a few swaps of decor on the table by the floor lamp. I had already moved to a more simple style in here a couple of years ago. I just wanted to give you a whole room view before we get started.

I just swapped one small thing on that table. Finn seems to approve. 

By the front door, I removed the large red glass vase that's been there for 18 years. I liked it and still might put it back, but for now I'm liking the extra space to the right of the door. And there's really not anything red in my house anymore, except for that entry rug and my KitchenAid mixer. Well, and I guess the stained glass above the door. :)

I removed everything except the basket of hydrangeas on the foyer table. And let me tell you, I was so excited to dust it later that day! So easy to just pick up one thing to dust the entire table. I used to have books, decor items, etc. but this is much easier. 

I also removed everything on top of the armoire. With all the stuff up there, it made it seem much taller than it was. That made the size of the rolling cart compared to the armoire seem a little "off." I like it better this way.

Now this one was a little hard for me because I loved the large tray on the coffee table, filled with books, candles, and other decor. But...I didn't enjoy dusting it and it also took up a lot of room on the table. So I got out this small Target Dollar Spot $3 tray and filled it with just a couple of small books, a pretty candle, the tv remote and coasters. 

So much better! I love the wrapped handles and little cut outs on that tray. I bought it years ago and really haven't used it at all, but knew it would come in handy one day. Glad I listened to my gut and bought it when I did. 

The rolling cart got a makeover too. Things were removed and shuffled around. 

I tried to get away with having nothing on the very top, but it just didn't look right and I missed that floral print. That silver vase is also from Target's dollar spot and used to be on the armoire in the bedroom. 

All the candle sticks disappeared from the bombay chest and again...SO much easier to dust! 

This little demi lune table used to have some books stacked up with a potpourri holder on top. The problem was, not only did I have to dust the holder (which would always come apart because it was three separate pieces) but all the books too. I pared it down to a single book and replaced the potpourri holder with a silver candle holder. 

I removed the book on this table too. I'm liking the simple look. 

I tried numerous ideas on the mantle, but ended up just swapping out a candle holder for the white piece on the right. What do you call that thing anyway? It's kinda like a pineapple/pinecone thingy? It used to be a green/gray color and I spray painted it white. 

Again, this end table got a refresh by removing the book that was under the crown. I guess a lot of what I did was remove books in my decor. Oh, and I switched out the wicker candle holder for this Dollar Spot Ikea look-a-like vase thingy. P.S. The wicker candle holder is now on the other end table. 

The cats would always jump on this table above and with the crown balancing on the book, it would fall off all the time. Target frequently has these Ikea look-a-like vases, but in all different colors. Don't forget about the magic of spray paint if they don't have the color you're looking for. 

Simple and streamlined...

Love this view where you can see the pared down foyer table, bombay chest and demi lune table. 

By the time I finished simplifying my decor (3 hours later) my coffee had turned into iced coffee. But that's okay. I'm happy with the results. :) Be sure to check back for the updated kitchen and master. Hope y'all have a great day!

P.S. I get questions about the paint color all the time. It's Kilim Beige by Sherwin Williams. 



  1. You go girl. It's funny, I was just visiting a dear friend (who has collected a lot)...I always love being in her home. But, then I get home and realize I don't have to dust all of that! So there's that. It really is a balancing act.

  2. Nice!! I always think your home is so pretty.

    Less is more for me always.

  3. Yay for you, welcome to the less is more club! I've been doing the same thing and have taken car loads off to donate. I feel like I've lost a lot of weight, LOL! It's so much more relaxing to not look at a bunch of stuff and then dust it all.
    Stay cool today!

  4. I am finding that less is more too Lisa. I like the clean streamline look too. Just shows off your furniture and other decor when things are simpler. Little Finn looks like the perfect decor for the window sill. Happy Tuesday.

  5. Looks great, Lisa!! I used to be a huge accessory girl, but over the past several years, I have a become a less is more girl too. As a matter of fact I just did that in my living room yesterday. At the moment, there's nothing on my tables in the living room. That won't last for long though. HomeGoods anyone? ;)

  6. Love all the changes you made! I go thru phases, sometime I like less stuff and then at other times I miss it all and bring it back for a while. LOL

  7. I love everything you've done. I'm seeing that less is the latest look and I've vowed to try my hand at it. You mentioned clearing off the top of your kitchen cabinets. I've been thinking of that, too. I have some nice treasures up there, I hope I can find a way to display these things in other spaces. For me the hard thing is adding to my collection of pieces to the huge amount in an extra room that has been filled up with boxes of decor for holidays, seasons, and just various things that I switch out. I hope I have the rainy day time soon to clear out that stuff!!!

    Well done, Lisa!



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