Tuesday, July 31, 2018

My Streamlined Decor Part 2

Let's jump right in to part 2 of my streamlined decor, shall we? If you missed part 1, click HERE

In the kitchen, I removed some things from the top of the buffet...

I also put away the bubble gum container that used to be by the lamp. 

I was always knocking the lid off that bubblegum container when I'd turn the lamp on or off.

I think the only other thing I did in here was to put up the napkin holder that was by the canisters. I moved the napkins to the pantry. Do you spot Finn?

That boy is always eating. He's now surpassed Holly in weight. Finn actually has a birthday coming up next month! He'll be one! 

This side stayed the same, but you can see I removed a lot of stuff that was on that little table in the hall.

I mentioned in my last post how I removed everything from the tops of my cabinets and fridge years ago. I still think that was one of my best decisions, decor-wise. 

I put up a different print on the wall to the right of the fridge...

I get asked about that clock above all the time. It's from Lillian Vernon about 18 years ago. :) 

This is the only thing I might change. That lone candle looks weird all by itself on that table. Maybe it needs a little boxwood wreath/candle ring around the base. I don't know. I actually still like the silver tray underneath it. I bought it from a Yankee Candle school fund raiser many years ago, so it fits that candle perfectly. 

Some of you might remember this big vase that used to be on top of the armoire in the den. I got rid of the corner shelf in this hallway and put the vase in its place. 

I got rid of a little flower arrangement and some books that were on this nightstand...

And I can't believe it, but I put up the frame with Holly's baby pic and a few other things that were on this table... 

More books removed from this table...

A few more things removed from the top of this armoire too...

A little decor tip for you...See those prints up there on the armoire? Here's how I keep them from slipping down...

I cut a strip from a non slip rug pad I had on hand. (I pulled out that corner so you could see) Works like a charm! Oh...and that Thomas Kinkade print on the right? Yeah, that's ripped from a book I bought long ago. Just another tip...buy books or calendars with prints from your favorite artists, cut out the print and pop it in a frame. :) 

One quick thing I did a few months ago was to move my Magnolia Market crown tray into my bathroom. I'm storing all my makeup brushes on it. I love having everything contained on a single tray. Makes cleaning the counter easy. 

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  1. I love putting candles in round glass vases that are a couple times larger than the candle itself. I usually put some type of dried beans, small shells, coffee beans, etc in the bottom and then sit the candle on top. You can change out the filler for the season. I mainly do this because they I don't worry about the dogs tails getting near an open flame. Gonna be a rainy week here, so hoping to clear some things out.

  2. Do you feel like you can breath better now? You know I'm a bit of a minimalist by most standards and if I start to get too much going on it makes me edgy. You know that rule of threes in a vignette? I often break that rule!

  3. Hi Lisa,
    Your house always looks so bright, clean and comfy. I love having less out especially now living in a downsized small home. Have a great week.

  4. Your home always looks beautiful either way, Lisa! Love the tip to keep the prints from slipping down. So clever! Enjoy the rest of your week! Hopefully yesterday's rain will bring us a little relief from the heat.

  5. Looks amazing Lisa and I know you feel better too. Love your bathroom tray!

  6. You really have a nice, simplified home now, and I'm sure its super fast to keep clean...we are def clean freak twins! I'm loving everything. If I could make any suggestions, I would say group things in three's, like the lone candle on the table. I know that means adding 'more', but it looks more interesting and would draw attention to the beauty of the table. Maybe small taper candles on each side?

    You have me still thinking of eliminating a lot from my kitchen. You really did a wonderful job with that.

    Jane x


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