Thursday, December 27, 2018

Christmas is all put away...

I took down all the Christmas decor on December 26th. :) It feels so good to have it done and now I won't have to worry about putting it away when I get back from LA. 

A clean state... 

I love this new little basket for the coffee table. The grey ribbon is what sold me...

Oh Finn...

Actually, there is still one little bit of Christmas left...the cookie tins in the kitchen, holding the leftover cookies...

And now we're off to buy a new tv. Ours broke yesterday, but at least now we get to have a smart tv. ;) 

Up next...the guest room makeover! 



  1. Isn't it a great feelings? I love Christmas so much but when the time comes, it is so nice to get back to basics. :)

  2. Hi Lisa,
    I took all my Christmas down too. I think because I decorate so early I feel it is time right after to take it down. I am making some changes in my living room so it was good to take it all down. Now onto the new year. I know how excited you are for your trip to LA. That is going to be amazing to spend with your son. Enjoy.

  3. The place looks great...fresh and clean. I'm in process, it's coming down in waves. I can't wait to hear about your trip to LA! Keep us posted!! Happy New Year!!


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