Sunday, July 15, 2018

Around The House and a Travel Question

Are y'all having a nice summer? We don't have a whole lot going on, which is just the way I like it.  

I do have a quick question for you though...My oldest son is vacationing in Dubai and South Africa this fall. Have any of you been to either place? Do you have any tips or advice for him? I'd love to hear about it if you've been. 

I love this pic...

Flowers from my neighbors (who happen to be my mom and stepdad) a Funfetti Cake with fluffy vanilla marshmallow frosting and hibiscus tea. So many good things all together!

Mr. Finn looking all relaxed, as usual...

Ah, the life of a cat. Good times. 

Have y'all tried Luna bars? These have been my go-to snack lately...

I'm a fan of the lemon ones too. So good! 

Here's a quick tip for you. Although, y'all are so smart, you probably already knew this. Remember my sink rack I bought when we redid our kitchen and got the farmhouse sink?

I highly recommend these. I love when you set something on the rack, it's not sitting in whatever mess is in the sink, since it's elevated. It's so handy when scrubbing pots and pans too because I don't worry about scratching my new sink. 

Anyway, I've talked before about how I scrub it down during my WEEKLY CLEANING ROUTINE. But did y'all know it's dishwasher safe? I can't believe I've had it since November and I'm just now realizing I could have been putting it through the dishwasher! So there's my tip of the day. :)

Sparkling clean after a run through the dishwasher...

I mean, I'll still scrub it weekly because that's just what I do. But a run through the dishwasher every now and then certainly won't hurt. And see those white rubber feet on the bottom of the rack? They're elevated on one side, so it slopes toward the drain. 

I've heard people on IG complaining and warning people not to get a farmhouse sink because liquid sits in the middle and never drains, but that's not the case with mine. My sink has a slight slope toward the drain to keep that from happening. And like I said, the rack is made for my particular sink, so it slopes too. Just do your homework when buying things like this and you'll be fine. 

Don't forget to give me any tips on traveling to Dubai and South Africa if you've been. Thanks! 

Hope you have a great day!



  1. I love your picture, too. Summer life at its fullest!

    I've always had a thing about dish racks. I think they collect debris and slime, whether in the sink or next to it. I have the regular double sided sink. I wash a lot of dishes by hand, its just sort of calming for me. I place a towel on the side where I place the washed dishes to cushion them. Then I dry them right away after all is done. I like to get the glasses to sparkle. I know, I'm weird!


  2. No vacation advice for you but I have to say I am sooooo in love with your sink!!!! Great tip on cleaning the sink rack too. Beautiful!!!!

  3. Never been to either, but have relatives who have been and friend who actually live part of the year in Dubai and love it. He'll have a fabulous time! Pretty sink...


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