Thursday, July 5, 2018

Easy Meals and Cat Tunnels

How was your 4th of July? We had a very low key holiday, just like I like it. I didn't even decorate this year. Well, unless you count my blue Pier 1 plates on the mantel...

At the last minute, I made this fruit pizza (without the fruit) I was craving M&M's on a sugar cookie crust, so I just omitted the fruit. :) Oh, and every store was sold out of the patriotic M&M's, so I got the regular bag and separated them out. 

Here's the recipe I used: PILLSBURY EASY FRUIT PIZZA 

If you do the fruit version, Pillsbury says the trick to getting the pieces of fruit all glossy looking is to brush it with apple jelly. I thought that was a neat tip! 

So here are a few easy meals I've been serving for dinner (for the non-vegans in the family)

Tony Chachere's Jambalaya mix with jalapeño sausage...

 So easy and good!

I shared this pic below on IG and we had such a funny conversation about strapping our purses into the shopping cart (I always do it) I love these easy meals they have at HEB. This one is the Southwest chicken. You literally pull off the plastic wrap and put it in the oven (the containers are oven safe) for about 25 minutes and dinner is served! I usually serve this with Caesar salad, but I couldn't resist this jalapeño bread. Yum! 

 Do y'all know about these Pillsbury strawberry cream cinnamon rolls? Oh my! So good! I got them at Walmart and it's a good thing they're a limited edition. ;) 

 Another easy HEB meal...steak and cream cheese jalapeño stuffed potatoes. I know, I know...again with the jalapeño! Jalapeño sausage, bread and now it's in the potatoes. What can I say, we love spicy food. If you don't have an HEB, look around your local store. They probably have something similar to these "Meal Simple Kits." 

When I was at Walmart picking up those strawberry cream rolls, I made a pit stop in the pet section. These cute houses and tunnel had Finn's name written all over them! 

 Don't you love how his little face looks like a lion in that window?! Lol!

All three pieces are sold separately, for around $7. You can use them individually or connect them with the included velcro straps. 

My ever cautious Holly Joaquin was leery of the new inhabitants of the house, so she just admired them from a distance for a couple of days. But she eventually ventured into them and sorta enjoyed it. Ha! 

Such a cute tiger! 

Thanks for stopping by! Hope y'all have a great weekend!



  1. We loved HEB when my daughter was at Baylor. They built and opened a huge new store right by the campus her Sophomore year. It was amazing!! While we have some nice grocery stores here, they don't even come close in comparison. Especially with the prices.
    Ha, the kitties look like they are having a good time with their new home. And, it's a good thing I am gluten free or I would gain about 10 pounds this summer eating those cinnamon rolls.

  2. Lisa, I held those sweet rolls in my hand at Kroger the other day after I saw yours on Instagram. I resisted though!! We are trying to be healthier right now so I'm picking and choosing. :)

  3. What a smart "patriotic cookie" you are! They were all out of the patriotic M & M's in my area too, but I never thought about just picking out the red & blue ones!! So genius!! Have fun kitties!!

    1. Thanks! It actually only took a few minutes to separate out all the red and blue ones. Then I had the remainder of the bag for snacks. ;) Happy Tuesday!

  4. Love that cookie recipe. I have made it with the fruit. So yummy. I love the cat tunnel. As I have told you we are adopting a kitty for my mom tomorrow so I might have to see if I can get him one of these tunnels. Looks like your two are loving it. Happy Friday. Have a great weekend.

  5. Your 4th of July fruitless pizza turned out so cute! I love those pre-made meals at HEB, I just wish they made the portions a little bigger, I have to buy 2 for my hubby. Hope you have a great weekend & those kitties sure are adorable!

  6. Cute desserts! Love the little houses and tunnel for the cute!

  7. I am having a sugar craving and this post is not helping!! ;) It all looks so good. Off to bake something now...


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