Saturday, April 14, 2018

Lantana Update and $4 Solar Pathway Lights

Remember when I showed that pic of the Lantana in the front yard, right after we pruned it? Here's that pic again to refresh your memory...

March 7th

I promised to post another pic a month later to show you how much it's grown. So here we are a month later and just look at it now...

April 7th

See how quickly it comes back after a spring pruning? Here's an overhead shot...

It's already got some blooms on it. I'll update you throughout the summer. It's such a hardy plant. 

You might have noticed we added some solar pathway lights...

Here they are in action after dark...

They actually put off quite a bit of light...

We love them! They were on sale for $4 each (regular price is only $5) at Target and they've added so much to our front yard landscaping. They're the Project 64 brand LED solar pathway lights. 

 Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. Wow, your lantana has really taken off. Surprisingly, ours bombed and I pulled it out last year! Might try again. I need to look into those solar lights. We had some years ago, but they eventually bit the dust.

  2. The lantana has really grown. It is a great plant. I love those solar lights. Wow I have never seen solar lights give off so much light. I may have to check into those. Thanks for the info. Have a great start to the new weeks.

  3. Your garden is beautiful. It's like you live on a different planet! Everything is still gray and cold and brown here. It's no fun at all, I want to play in the garden, too!!

  4. Your yard is always so perfect and pretty!

  5. Your garden is so beautiful....I always love seeing pictures of it. Your Lantana is really taking off, I can't wait to see it with blooms. Have a great weekend!!!!


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