Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Crossbody Bag Love and Sneakers

I'm brand new to the whole crossbody bag thing and I gotta tell ya...I'm loving it! If Jim Halpert can pull it off, then so can I, right? Lol! Here's the deal...I carry my regular purse everywhere and I keep everything in it. You know how sometimes on talk shows or game shows, they play that game where they ask the audience if they have a random item in their purse and they win a prize if they have it? Yep, I'd win Every. Single. Time. Dental floss? Yep. A measuring tape? Yep. Tic Tacs? Yep. Nail clippers? Yep. Safety pin? What size? Because I have three. You get the picture. :) 

But sometimes I don't need to take all that stuff with me. I was thinking the other day about when I would do carline drop off and pick up when my boys were little. I would only grab my wallet, phone and keys when I went out the door. So freeing! I realized I could get away with just those three things on lots of other outings too, so a smaller purse was in order. So many times, I just run to the store or the garden center very quickly. I'm pretty sure I can get by without my floss, extra makeup and hair ties on those trips. ;) 

So I bought this little cross body bag...

It has this pocket in the back...

And this one in the front...

And quite a bit of room inside too...

My iPhone 7 Plus fits in that inside pocket for reference. 

The best part is I'm hands free when shopping. I'm not trying to keep a purse from falling off my shoulder and if I step away from the cart, I'm not worried about leaving my purse unattended because it goes with me. Lol! I love the cute pattern and it was only $14 at Walmart. It holds my wallet, phone and keys and still has a little room for a few extras. This would also be perfect for traveling. I usually use a small backpack instead of my purse when traveling, but this would work just as well. It was great to have at the garden center when I was traipsing around in between plants, trying to pick just the right one. My purse was safe and never left my side and both hands were free to carry stuff back to the cart. 

I also tried it out on my Starbucks run the other day and it worked perfectly! 

I don't splurge on a chocolate croissant very often, but man was it good. 

I also had to buy some new walking shoes. My old ones were well over 5 years old. My son convinced me to get some fancy NMD's because he loves his so much. At almost $200, they were way more than I wanted to spend. But I got them anyway because people really seem to rave about them. It's hard to find a negative review online. They have "release dates" for new colors coming out and they always sell out immediately. Well...after trying on several styles/sizes in the store and bringing them home, I quickly realized they weren't going to work for me. They have this loop/tag in the back that scraped against my ankle with every step. I thought I could make it work, but nope. Not doing that. So back to the store they went and I decided to go to Kohl's to see what they had. I found exactly what I wanted and with a sale and my coupon, it was about 1/4 of the price. A win-win! 

Here's what I settled on. Skechers Flex Appeal 2.0 with memory foam...

I must say that my son was very disappointed that I got "grandma shoes" ha! But no one is going to see me wearing them on my treadmill at home and that memory foam makes them very comfy, so whatev. :) 

Do you have a favorite brand of walking shoes? I'm always interested in new styles, so please share in the comments. 

Oh, and really quickly, here are a couple more IG funnies I forgot to add in the last round. Enjoy! 

So funny, right?! 

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  1. First of all, welcome to the hands free club! I have been a devoted cross body bag wearer for decades. I started when the kids were small. I could hold hands and not worry about my purse. Sometimes I wonder if they're really good for my back or not, but I don't carry much. I have the kind with the slots for my credit cards and money. You might get addicted. Secondly, I have the same conversation with my kids about shoes. I need comfort and their fabulously stylish hot brands don't always fit my feet right. Old lady shoes, I hear it all the time!! I think they're adorable!

  2. There are just certain times of the year I prefer a cross body bag. The holidays and summer especially. Reminds me I need to find a new one for summer ;-) And, I don't consider Sketchers old lady at all...I own 4+ pairs! LOL I love my Go Walks, slip ons. I even have a pair of black wedge sandals with rhinestones. So comfy.

  3. I have a crossbody or two but forget about them. I've never heard of those shoes your son wanted you to have...just goes to show that I'm not so with it. My favorites are New Balance and Asics. Every person has to find what feels best.

  4. I agree with Kim's comment "Welcome to the club" I have been using cross body purses for some time now and love them. I love being free of less stuff to carry around. With that said if we go on a game show together I am going to sit next to you just in case lol! Hey Hey on the Sketchers I have a few pairs of them and love them and do not think they are grandma shoes. I love the ones you showed. I think they are quite stylish!!!! Have a great day.

  5. That is really a cute cross-body purse, and they are so freeing! I have a couple of them that I purchased at Charming Charlies...do you have this store where you live? I also have a couple of clutch-style purses to use when we go out to dinner, instead of needing an extra chair just for my big bag! I adore Skechers! I have a pair of the mesh-type, Skechers Air-Cooled Memory Foam, that I wear to the gym or anytime I am going to be doing a lot of walking or standing. They are so comfy. I also have a pair of sandals...Skechers GOGA MAX which I pretty much live in during the summer. I probably should get another pair.

    Hope you have a great weekend, Lisa!


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