Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hunter For Target Haul

Did y'all get anything from the Hunter sale at Target? 

I was most excited about the boots for $40, but as you all probably now know, they were delayed and then pulled. 

When they were delayed, it made me start second guessing them anyway. I just couldn't figure out how they could sell Hunter boots for only $40 when the real ones cost around $150. Something had to be different, right? Well, apparently something was different, because here's what Hunter said on Twitter when people questioned the low price...

"Target won't sell Hunter Original boots. Our boots are handcrafted from natural rubber following an intricate process. The ones designed in partnership with Target are not produced the same traditional way." That right there told me they wouldn't be the same quality as my real Hunters. 

Then, like I said, they were pulled completely. Here's what Target had to say about that...

"After thorough evaluation, we've decided not to make this item available. We're very sorry, but the production simply didn't meet our standards, Hunter's standards or the standards we want guests to have when they shop at Target." I have to give kudos to Target for being honest and not selling something they weren't confident in. It would have been much worse if they did sell them, only to have the quality be subpar and be inundated with complaints. 

  I did however, get some other neat items which I'll share with you today. 

 I got the over sized tote bag, duffle bag, bum bag, compact umbrella, slide sandals, large pouch, small pouch, hang light and long lanyard. 

Here's the over sized tote bag...

 It's very roomy, has comfortable handles and is well made. 

The duffle bag...

Again, very well made, roomy and I love the choice of handles or shoulder strap. 

The large pouch in orange and the small pouch in green...

The compact umbrella and slide sandals...

 The slides are comfy and (I think) waterproof. They'll be great for gardening in. 

The bum bag (which is the only item I don't know if I'll ever use, but couldn't resist, lol) the long lanyard and the hang light. 

The hang light is so neat. It has a button on the back and has different settings...dim white light (shown) bright white, flashing red light, and solid red light. 

Now who's going to take me on a fancy trip so I can use all these travel items??? Anyone??? Hee hee! 



  1. Very cool! I am on a simplifying kick so I haven't been shopping much lately, but those bags are lovely. I bought a ton of Vera Bradley ones years ago and they are still my favorites. I think I could curl up inside some of them, they're so roomy, but the Hunter ones are pretty...too bad there's no more room in the closet!! Enjoy your stash and take a vacation !!


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