Sunday, April 8, 2018

$5 Letter Board

I had to pop in really quickly to share this awesome deal at Target...

The sign says it all...this letter board was in the DOLLAR SECTION at Target for only $5! It came with the letters, but I also bought two extra packs of letters for $1 each. Such a good deal, right?! They came in pink and blue, but my store only had pink. And the extra letters came in white and black. They're going fast, so get one while you can. 

They also had lots of these mini cake stands for $1...

 My store had the mini ones and the full size in several colors. 

I shared this little gem on Insta the other day. Happy Easter from my brother and me, circa 1972-ish. Lol! 

I mean, where do I start? Those shorts, the over-the-knee socks, my fancy purse and gloves, or that groovy wallpaper??? Fun times, for sure. :) 

I'll be sharing some Walmart deals I got this weekend, so stay tuned...



  1. Love the letter board. The pink is fun. And I am dying over that photo. I am sure my mom has some of those lurking around. LOL

  2. The board is adorable! I love it. Fabulous...and those tiny stands are darling. I want...

  3. Your letter board is so cute! I gave one from Hobby Lobby as a gift at Christmas but I think we need one too. :)

  4. Oh Lisa look at you with your little white gloves and purse. So adorable. I remember having to dress up for Easter and I love getting the white gloves the best. Something about wearing little white gloves was so much fun. The letter board is so cute. Gotta love Target dollar bins!!!
    Have a good week.


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