Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Steals and Deals

I've been racking up the good deals lately and thought I'd share a few more with you. :)

Do y'all watch The Today Show? I usually have it on every morning. Occasionally they have Jill Martin on and she has a segment called "Jill's Steals and Deals." She shows a handful of products from makeup to jewelry to clothing and a little bit of everything in between. All these products are deeply discounted. If you want to purchase one, you just click on the link on the Today Show website and it takes you to the item you want to buy. They give you a code to put in to get the discounted price.

I recently saw these Betsey Johnson sunglasses on one of Jill's segments. They are regularly $75, but with the Today Show discount, they were only $15!!!! 

I love them! They're over sized, which I like. :)

I think I have a sunglasses addiction. I'm always buying new ones. :)

I also frequent sites like Zulily, Groop Dealz, (formerly Very Jane), and Sassy Steals. Do y'all know about these? I have them bookmarked and check them daily. They have all kinds of things at great prices. I've ordered several things from them and have always been pleased with the products.

Last winter, I spotted these boot socks on Groop Dealz. I kept seeing them, but waited too long to order and they sold out. This year, I ordered early and finally got some!

I just love the cute little buttons and lace at the top. :)

Here they are sticking out the top of my boots. Now I just need it to get cooler outside so I feel like I can wear them. :)
I think I've mentioned my love for Kohl's. I recently had a $10 coupon good for anything in the store and a 30% off anything coupon. Ironically, I just bought three shirts there and couldn't think of anything else I needed, but I didn't want the coupons to go to waste. I finally decided to just get some candy. :)

godiva candy
I got BOTH of these for $2.45! I intended to share with my boys, but they each only got a few truffles before I put them in my secret chocolate hiding place. :)

Have y'all gotten any great deals lately? Be sure to check back Friday for my Fall Decor Part 2 where I'll share my front porch, foyer, and dining room. Here's a little sneak peek:

Hope y'all have a great week!



  1. I love your cute boot socks! Those boots look so comfortable too. You will enjoy those this winter. Thanks for passing on the info about all of these great deals. I have seen that segment on The Today Show before but have never ordered from them. Sounds like they really are great deals! I may have to give them a try some time.

  2. I watch The Today show sometimes and have seen the segment but have never ordered anything before. Once they had some candles on and I was tempted but wondered about the quality and etc. Of course next time I see something tempting I will have to order! LOL...Love your boot cute!

  3. Great post! I love your boot socks! So cute!

  4. I haven't caught The Today Show in quite awhile but this sounds like something not to be missed. Good for you on your deals, I have to check out those boot socks, they are so cute!

    Your centerpiece is so pretty! All of my holiday things are in the basement, every time I go down to do laundry I bring one little thing up!! Just not sure if I want to do a little or a lot this year!


  5. I'm on the email list for Sassy Steals but have never ordered anything. I'm always tempted -- love their costume jewelry! Those boot socks are adorable!


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