Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Keeping the Necessities Covered

You know how we have things around the house that are necessary (but not pretty to look at) like the a/c thermostat, doorbell chime box, and phone jacks? Well, I try to disguise them when I can and this phone jack was in plain sight and it was time I do something about it. 

Not very pretty to look at. 

I've had this frame forever. I like that it has a space behind it for the phone jack to kind of fit into. 

I left the old picture in there, and just put this one on top. 

So much better now! I might even paint that cord the same color as the wall to disguise it a little more. :)

The print I used in the frame was one of these Chihuly cards. Dale Chihuly is an artist and he does these beautiful hand blown glass sculptures. When we were in Vegas, the hotel we stayed at had a huge ceiling sculpture in the lobby that was made by Mr. Chihuly. It had the most beautiful glass flowers. Our hotel also had a Chihuly shop and they sold all kinds of things. I bought this package of cards knowing I'd probably frame a few.

It came with lots of different cards, each portraying a picture of a glass sculpture he did for an exhibit called "Chihuly Over Venice" where his pieces were displayed over the canals in Venice. So pretty!

You can see here how they're actually cards. They were the perfect size for framing. 

Here are some of the different ones. I like that I can switch the picture out if I get tired of it.

One time when we were in New Orleans, we went to a shop in the Garden District and got to watch them make hand blown glass. I loved it!

Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. Looks great....such a clever idea!!!! I have a phone jack in my living room that is almost in the center of the wall!!! Very odd huh? LOL
    Have a great week :o)

  2. I've done the same thing especially in the kitchen. Plugs and phone jacks just seem to be in the worst places.

  3. That was a good idea. I have a phone jack on the wall in my kitchen that I hid with a picture too. It's up high and we don't even use it anymore.

  4. Very smart...I had the same problem and stuck a wreath over it! I like your cards...they are beautiful for framing. I found cards by a children's artist when mine were babies and I framed them for their room. Back then, most cards were 5 X 7. Great artist, I'd love to see blown glass get made!


  5. What a super smart idea!I can't stand wires and phone jacks either. I have mine hiding with a plant! LOL

  6. Clever idea for hiding those ugly necessities! Yep, I think I would paint that cord the color of the wall -- would just disappear that way!


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