Thursday, September 5, 2013

A Bee Skep for $1.60, World Market Soap, A New Vase, and a Wheelbarrow

I went shopping the other day and picked up a few goodies I wanted to share with you. :) 

I got this bee skep on clearance for $1.60!! 

I've wanted one for awhile and was so happy when I found this!

World Market had some pretty soaps...

So this one came home with me. It's actually a plastic bottle, so it won't break. :)

Joann's had a good clearance sale the other day and I picked up this bee vase for $5.97. 

I also got this little wheelbarrow for $7.97. I'm re-doing the tops of my kitchen cabinets and the bee vase and wheelbarrow are going up there soon. 

Here's where the bee skep landed. I love having it on top of the armoire so I can see it all the time.

Here's a closer pic. I still can't believe I got it for under $2!!

That's all the deals I have for ya. Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. You found some wonderful goodies! I am totally loving the soap you found...the container is gorgeous!! I can't believe it is plastic too!?!? Have a great weekend :o)

  2. The bee skep is really cute, and actually looks kind of Fallish -- or maybe I just have Fall on the!

  3. Oh, you lucky girl!!!v I have a bee skep but don't remember what I payed for it...much more than you did!! I put it on my table in the fall with pears and apples under it...mine is more of an open weave. I was near a World Market once and didn't have time to stop in...ugh!! Sometimes I go online and go gaga!!!!

    Have a GREAT weekend!



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