Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Gel Eye Liner, Lantana, Ferns, and Peanut Butter and Jelly

I put this on Instagram today. (chels70) I never thought I'd like gel eyeliner in a little pot, but I can't tell you how much I love this stuff! It glides on really smooth and lasts ALL DAY LONG. Now, keep in mind I live in a very hot and humid climate and for this stuff to stay on so well is amazing. A friend kept trying to get me to try this stuff and I'm so glad I finally listened to her. :)

Here's a pic of what I bought. I just looked at my receipt and I paid $6.74 at my local HEB grocery store. I also had a coupon from the Sunday paper. :)
I also thought I'd do a little mini update on my garden. I love Lantana. I had a ton of it at my last house and it always did really well. I planted some in the Spring of this year and it didn't seem to be growing very well...until now. Here's a "before" pic taken on May 25th.

You can really see how small it is. That's a soaker hose around it. :)

And this pic was taken on July 24th. In just a couple of months, its grown tremendously! Yes, I still have my flags in the flower pots from the 4th of July. :) I keep forgetting to put them up, then it rains just enough to get them wet, so I let them dry out, then I forget to put them up again, then it rains again etc.  It's kind of like Escher...it just keeps going on and on for infinity. Ha!

I love this fern! We had a freeze a couple of years ago and I thought it was dead. I almost threw it away, but I'm so glad I didn't. I came back better than before! It's kind of hard to tell in this pic how big it is, so I measured it for you. :) It's four and a half feet wide! 

Do y'all like peanut butter and jelly? I used to only eat it occasionally, but I recently discovered my local grocery store has a machine that will grind fresh peanut butter for you. Life changing, people! Seriously, it's soooo much better than the kind sold in a jar. They have 3 containers. One with regular peanuts, one with honey roasted peanuts (my favorite) and one with almonds. You pick which one you want and flip the switch and it grinds it into a little container for you. So neat! It's so good. It's like the difference between store bought frosting and homemade. It's that good. :)

Now y'all go out and buy some eyeliner and fresh peanut butter. I promise you won't be disappointed. :)



  1. I've never had fresh peanut butter like that before. I bet that IS good! I don't think my grocery store has one of those machines to make it. If I ever see one, I'll have to give it a try. Thanks for the eyeliner tip too. It is hot here as well, and it does feel like my makeup melts on a hot day. It's good to know which ones are heat proof!

  2. I love peanut butter and jelly. :) Eat them all the time. No HEB here in the Dallas area though.

    Your plants look great. My lantana has gotten so big it's hiding the rose bushes that are planted behind them.

  3. I also love lantana, we have 2 bushes, pale yellow, almost white flowers; beautiful!

    I also live in Texas, the DFW area. Where do you have the peanut butter ground?

    1. I love the pale yellow lantana! It's such a hardy plant for Texas. I have the peanut butter ground at my HEB grocery store. I've heard they are supposed to start building them in Dallas starting in 2014, but maybe a local health food store might have the machines? It's so good and it's really not any more expensive than the kind in a jar. Hope you can find some soon. :)

  4. The eyeliner sounds great, Abby is really good at putting on the gels and pens. I've tried before and totally miss my target! I'll pick some of this up for her. I use the pencils so I can smudge it. Maybe I can practice?

    The lantana looks great (and the monster fern, too). I love to hear what you plant down there in Texas because I know it's dry and my plants at the lake dry out when we're not there, so it's nice to know what can survive!!

    I don't think the store I go to makes the peanut butter. I have heard of doing it in your food processor, I guess it depends on the price. I do bet it's delicious!

    Have a great week! :)



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