Saturday, August 24, 2013

Eating Out of Baby Bowls and Almost Antique Cups

How's that for a post title? LOL! I was looking in my kitchen cabinets the other day and it was kind of weird to still see baby feeding bowls. Especially since my boys are in high school and college now. :) We've kept a lot of their old bowls for pretty much one reason...we eat our dessert out of them. Ha! We really's a small bowl, so you can't eat too much when using them. You can pretty much only fit one scoop of ice cream in them. Anytime we have a dessert, we usually eat out of these. :) Weird, huh?

Here are a couple of the First Years bowls and an ABC bowl.

While I was looking in that cabinet, I spotted these. We haven't used these in years, but I can't throw them away. I ordered them so many years ago. My oldest was really into Toy Story and Ocean Spray had a thing where you could send in some UPCs from their juice and they would send you these collectible mugs. :) 

This is the back of the mug. Notice how it says "on video." Yep, no dvds at that time. :)

tony the tiger mug
And here are some of my hubby's childhood mugs as well. We have Robin, Tony The Tiger, and of course, Batman. 

I think I've shared a pic like this before, but Holly loves to hide under my son's remote control car cover thingy. She's almost too big for it now. Anytime this is out, she immediately gets under it. She thinks she's hidden, but her tail always gives her away. :)

Speaking of desserts...I made this cobbler the other day. I should have doubled the "cobbler" part like my hubby suggested. I like a little more cobbler than fruit in this recipe. And yes...we ate it out of the baby bowls. Ha!

Hope y'all have a wonderful day!


  1. Love that you've kept those bowls and cups all these years! I bet they do come in handy from time to time. Now you can pass them down to your grandchildren one day.

  2. That is too funny but smart at the same time!! I sometimes eat out of Lily's bowls, too! They're the perfect size to eat Greek yogurt with granola!

  3. I think it's great that you have those bowls, Lisa! I have Flintstone dishes from my kiddos when they were little, and the Grands have used them when they have eaten at Nana's. We also have a couple of Captain Midnight mugs and a Roy Rogers thermos. You may not even know the Captain Midnight character, but he was an original Super Hero some 65 years ago. I think some things are really worth keeping.

  4. You're too cute! They are just the perfect size! :)



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