Thursday, August 8, 2013

Bathroom Flooring Questions Answered

After my Guest Basket post HERE, I got several emails asking what kind of flooring we have in our guest bathroom. I thought I'd do a quick post to show you exactly what we used. I can't believe we still had the original box and lots of spare tiles! :) 

Here is the same flooring in our MASTER BATH
 I hope y'all aren't disappointed, because it certainly isn't anything fancy. :) 

Here's what we used. It's peel and stick tiles! We got them at Lowes years ago, but I checked and it looks like they still carry them, only now they are 18x18 inches instead of 12x12 like mine. They're now called Cryntel 18x18" Romastone Saturnia Stone Finish Luxury Vinyl Tile. The Item # is 473388 and the Model # is 01092. It says it's $44.55 a box. The only thing that didn't sound right is that it said there were only 10 pieces per carton, and ours came with 20 for about that same price. Maybe the online description is wrong on the amount because I can't imagine you only get 10 tiles per box. 

Here's a close up of the box. We still had almost a full box leftover!

Here's the old item number on our box.

This is what the back of the tiles looks like. You just peel away the backing and stick them on!

Here's a single tile (with the backing still on)

Here's what it looks like in the guest bath. We're really happy with it. The new ones at Lowes say you can grout in between the tiles or install them edge to edge. We did edge to edge. We've had these tiles for about 6 years and are very happy with them.
We had existing linoleum that we had to remove first, then we put these tiles right on top of the concrete foundation. I hope that answers some questions ya'll had. Feel free to email me if you need any more info. :)



  1. Looks good! I love neutral flooring because you can decorate with any color!

  2. Who knew? Well, I'm all about inexpensive, easy and good looking at the same time. These tiles are all that. Thanks for sharing more about them.

  3. These are really neat...they really look like stone, which we have in the baths at the lake and they are COLD!! So good for you! Maybe the newer tiles have only 10 in a box because they are bigger and you need fewer??

    Happy Weekend! :)



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