Thursday, January 3, 2019

Guest Room Makeover

I'm finally sharing the guest room makeover! It took 3 weeks for the floral canvases above the beds to arrive, which pushed everything back. Then I moved on to the guest bath makeover, so it was put on hold again. But I finally found time to paint the room and finish it up.

I'll still probably get new curtains, but for now, it's done. 

I've always wanted twin beds in a guest room. I like the option of two beds in here. These used to be Logan's bunk beds. When we bought them years ago, I always knew I'd take them apart for a future guest room. :) 

Keeping it simple on the nightstand with a clock, lamp and candle. 

Love these pink and white pillowcases. 

Here's a close up of the floral print on the comforter...

I decided to add a mirror above the dresser. I brought in a couple of cozy blankets and some flowers too.

And here's my secret...see that box with the holes on top?

how to hide a cable box

It's the tray I used to have on my coffee table in the living room. I turned it upside down and used it to cover the router. :) 

That's Holly helping me, as usual. :)

I've always wanted a luggage rack in a guest room. Dylan uses it all the time when he stays over. It's just nice to have a place to put your luggage, other than the floor. 

These are the canvas prints that took so long to arrive. But they were worth it. 

I figured out I needed to keep this blanket on the bed for the kitties. They love being in here, but I didn't want their fur all over the new comforters. Thankfully they love these blankets. Actually, they're so comfy, I bought one for my bed too. I think the twin size was only $5 and the queen was $8 at Walmart. 

And that's it! I love this new guest room. It was fun adding a little pink in my decor. 

And Happy New Year to each and every one of you! Wishing you a happy, healthy and prosperous new year filled with an abundance of joy! 



  1. It all looks so comfy and inviting in your guest room Lisa. You have thought of everything. I like the idea of twin beds too. That way if you have two guests staying that are not a couple you have sleeping for everyone. Holly is a big helper too. Surprised Finn is not in there helping too.

  2. This is so pretty, Lisa! You are like me and went with feminine touches as soon as those boys were out of the space. :) I love the bedding you chose. I purchased a luggage stand recently at my sister-in-law's request. It is a handy thing to have.

  3. Looks lovely, enjoy and Happy, Happy New Year!

  4. What a beautiful room, Lisa! I adore those canvases. They were totally worth the wait...and aren't you a smarty pants? Hiding the router was genius! I can picture you standing in the doorway, coffee cup in hand just admiring the pretty. Fabulous!

  5. What an inviting guest the pink!


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