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Travel Tips, Accessories and The Most Comfy Shoes

I found some really neat travel accessories right before MY TRIP TO L.A. and thought I would share. 

This is the Running Buddy and some travel jars. I took a pic of them next to a coffee cup for size comparison. 

tips for carryon luggage

First up is the Running Buddy. It has magnets in it that attach to your waistband. It's such a neat way to carry your phone, I.D, credit card, cash and a key while running or hiking or on vacation if you don't want to use a purse. 

My aunt told me about it and I'm so glad she did. It opens up like this and you put it over the waistband on your shorts and the magnets on each side secure it. 

waistband running pouch

This is what it looks like opened up... 

It has a couple of pockets... 

makeup travel tips

And even a little zipper on the side, which would fit a key perfectly. 

It's so handy! It comes in different sizes and I ordered an XXL to fit my iPhone 7 Plus. Here's a link to the Running Buddy website:

So here's my next item. These plastic 1 ounce jars...

leakproof jars for travel

We all know about the travel restrictions in place for liquids. You're allowed as many 3 ounce (or smaller) containers that will fit into one quart size ziplock bag in your carry-on. The problem is that I have very specific "liquids" I want to take with me. For example, my makeup, concealer, mascara, my very favorite anti frizz shampoo, hair straightening serum, etc. 

I really can't leave home without these, lol. I have come to love my shampoo, conditioner and straightening serum so much that I wouldn't ever trust a hotel shampoo to do the same job. I feel the same way about my makeup items. I really love what I'm using and wouldn't want to be without it. I could always pack it in my checked luggage, but what if it got lost? The horror of not having my anti frizz shampoo! I'm totally not kidding! 

So I insist on carrying it with me in my carry-on bag. So...that means I'm restricted to what will fit in a quart size bag and each individual container can't hold more than 3 oz. But here's the deal, 3 oz is A LOT and I don't need nearly that much moisturizer, foundation, etc. even for a week long trip. 

So I've been on the lookout for smaller 1 oz. containers that won't leak. And you're welcome, because I did all the work for you and can tell you these are great and they definitely don't leak. :)

And look! You can fit NINE of them in one quart size ziplock! 

1 ounce jars for airplane travel

Another tip...use the "freezer" ziplocks because they're stronger and won't rip. 

I got these containers with the screw on lid at REI for $2.25 each. They come in different sizes too. 

travel jars that don't leak
They're called the Nalgene straight side plastic jars. 

Here's a link to them:

 Another quick tip...I always pack my carry-on with a full change of clothes (including undergarments and socks) along with one set of p.j.s, my beloved shampoo and conditioner, a disposable razor, moisturizer, my toothbrush, hair serum, solid deodorant, straightening iron, and all my makeup and soaps. That way, if my luggage ever got lost, I'd at least have my essentials for an overnight stay until it's delivered. Oh, and don't forget to always pack any prescription meds and glasses or contacts in your carryon too. You don't want to be without those. 

Another tip...I love these luggage tags! 

They're American Tourister brand and I got this two pack at Walmart for only $2.97.

Click HERE for a link to the luggage tags. 

I prefer this loop closure over the buckle kind. 

I also like that these are kind of "muted" and you can't clearly see your name and contact info unless you're looking closely at it. I don't like having my name and phone number on display at an airport. 

Another tip is to use a cross body bag for a trip. I used this one from Walmart every single day and it was great! My hands were free and it was just big enough for the essentials...

I always switch to this smaller wallet for trips too...

You really just need your driver's license, insurance card, cash and a credit card. 

I used this backpack when we went hiking...

I think I stole it from my mom many years ago. :) Actually, I did ask her if I could have it and she said yes. I've used it on every single trip since. It's perfect for holding a large water bottle and the essentials. I love that you can use it as a regular backpack with two straps like this...

Or you can zip the straps together and use it over one shoulder like this...

See the zipper on top in the pic above? Just zip it all the way down to connect the two straps like this...

I got it from my mom about 10 years ago and she had it for a long time before that, so I really don't have any info on it for you, except that it's Nine West brand. What I can tell you is that I was at Nordstrom Rack this weekend and they had several that were similar. 

Okay, now I should have purchased these before my trip, but I didn't. I found these shoes online right after we got back and ordered them from Zappos...

zappos great customer service

These are the Nike Revolution 4 and you can find them at Zappos HERE. They come in 8 colors and mine were under $50!

They are THE most comfy shoes! Here's the deal...I have the hardest time finding tennis shoes. You may remember I bought some Skechers a while back. They were great, but after wearing them on and off for about 9 months, I realized I can't go more than about 4 miles in them before my toes start to hurt. They're still great for everyday things like shopping, running errands, etc. Just not for long distance hiking, lol. 

I have big feet (size 10!) and my foot is narrow at the heel, but wide in the toe box. That wide toe box makes it so hard to find shoes that fit. Then I noticed a lot of people at Runyon Canyon had Nikes with this mesh look by the toes. It made sense that the mesh would have a little "give" to it and not cramp my toes as much. 

The mesh is key, I think. Especially if your foot is wide across the toes or even if you have bunyons. And the best part is that these don't make my feet look big! Again, the mesh kinda makes these shoes look smaller. I've had other shoes before that were bulky to begin with and when you add in that they're a size 10 on top of that, well...the words "clown feet" come to mind, lol! But not these. They actually look small on my feet. Love that! In fact, after all this talk, now I want to order them in another color too.

So I found these on Zappos. I ordered them on the spot and they arrived on my doorstep 23 hours later! Now that's good customer service! Zappos has free shipping and free return shipping. FYI, I did order the "wide" style and it fits great in the toes, and the heel. It doesn't slip in the heel at all. Sometimes when I get wide shoes, they fit fine at the toes, but are way too big at the heel, but not these. 

I think that's all the tips I have for now. What travel tips can you share?


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  1. These are all great tips Lisa. I like the running buddy. That is pretty neat. I have the worse time finding a good tennis shoe. I have arthritis in my right foot big toe and have the hardest time finding shoes that give a little so it does not rub. I like the sketchers too for this reason. I do need a good walking tennis shoe so I might have to try this one you got. Thanks for all the great tips.


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