Friday, June 29, 2018

This and That

Well, it looks like the email notification for comments is fixed! Yay! Now I can start blogging regularly again. :) 

Here are Holly and Finn checking out my birthday present. They were so interested, they didn't even mind being so close to one another. I mean, there was still hissing, but whatever. 

I was getting ready to transfer my stuff from my old purse (blue) to my new one. After I took this pic, Finn promptly plopped himself into the empty purse. He's a little firecracker and keeps us busy.

Our crepe myrtles are going wild...

 The Torrenia in the pots is doing really well too, even in this heat.

Okay, so here's a pet peeve of mine...None of my delivery guys ever ring the bell! They just quietly place my packages IN THE MIDDLE OF MY FRONT PORCH FOR ANY PASSERBY TO SEE! Drives me bananas! I mean, how long does it take to just ring the bell to let me know there's a package? And there's a column right by the door, but they never place the items behind it. They always put them smack dab in the middle of my front door. Is there a reason for that that I don't know of? We used to have a great delivery guy that would always place our packages behind the column and ring the bell, but the new guys never do that. 

 So I really wanted a live camera to alert me of any motion, so I'd know when things are delivered. So we went a little crazy and installed security cameras all around our property. I mostly wanted the one in the backyard so we could see what kind of wildlife traipses through (mostly raccoons and cats~ha!) So with the cameras, I get an alert when the delivery truck pulls up and I can grab my items off the porch immediately. Modern technology is so neat! Our cameras record everything too and it's stored for several months. The picture is crystal clear and it even has sound. Love that! It has live views too. One time, it alerted me that someone was in the driveway and it was my son. So I went to live view and pushed the speaker button and asked him to bring in the mail. He loves that. Ha! 

In case you're craving a laugh, here are a few funnies to brighten your day...

Anyway, thanks for listening to me ramble on and on and on today. :) I hope y'all have a great weekend! 



  1. Your yard always stops me in my tracks! It's so pretty.

    I've been thinking about cameras too. What system did you get?

  2. My sister has the Ring doorbell and loves it. She can add cameras all around the property that hook up to it...which is great since our delivery people are quiet drop and run types, too...grrrr.

  3. Good Morning Lisa. Thanks for the laughs this morning. Love the Afghan Hound with the pony. Too cute. I am looking into those camera and the door bell camera. Ring is one brand. That seems to be the popular one. I want to get one of the Ring doorbell camera's for my daughters homes. Both of them do not have windows on their front doors to see who is at the door. So I think those will be great for that and you can talk through them too. Before technology I use to feel like you and be so mad that they did not ring the door bell when they left something on the porch too. I think your solution is a great one. I guess now with tracking you can kind of know when a package will arrive on the door step so that helps too. Love your new purse. Happy Birthday.

  4. Abby would do the same thing as Finn...anything just emptied needs investigating! Cute purses! Your crepe myrtle is beautiful! Animal photos and videos get me every single time...great for a good laugh!

    I recently lost my entire IG account and have had to start over. I only have one photo up so far, but I know it would give you a good laugh....Abby, of course!

    Hope you are having a great weekend!

  5. Love you present! And you yard looks amazing. We do have a camera on our driveway, but we are going to add a couple more and the Ring doorbell. It saved friends of ours from a potentially deadly home invasion recently! SCARY.

  6. Your Finn is lovable. Cats are very different from dogs of course, but with everyone in my family having dogs, they've always managed to work things out...thankfully! My son has a 100+ pound English Cream Retriever, and my Layla is 8 pounds!!! Yep, they mind their own business around each other!

    I think you did the right thing with the security system. You simply can't be too careful. My UPS guy always tucks things out of sight on my porch. That relieves me but to be honest, I'm out and about almost everyday so ringing the bell wouldn't matter. And I know this sounds weird, even though I live in Chicago, we are in a close knit neighborhood and everybody knows everybody's business! Someone would let me know if anyones was lurking around. I do have sensors on all the windows of my house, and at the lakehouse we have a camera screen that scans the entire main floor and alerts us to any activity on our cell phones. Ahhhhh...that was a mouthful! I think it's great that we have these tools to keep us safe.



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