Saturday, June 2, 2018

Blog comments not being emailed to me...Blogger Problem

Hi everyone! Just wanted to let you know that I haven't been getting your sweet comments emailed to me. I don't know what's up with Blogger, but apparently it's a big problem right now. A lot of us aren't getting email notifications when we get a comment. It seems to have just stopped working a couple of weeks ago. 

(If you could be so kind as to leave me a comment on this post, I'd appreciate it. That way, I can tell if I was able to fix the problem. Thanks!) 

I went ahead and responded to all of your comments in my last post, so if you left a comment and didn't get a response emailed to you, please check the post and you'll see my reply in the comments section. I'm so sorry. I know that's a lot of trouble and it is for me too. Hopefully Blogger will fix it soon. 

If you use Blogger, have you noticed the comment choices have changed? If you go to your 'settings' and then 'posts, comments and sharing' it used to give you four choices of comments to accept:

1. Anyone (includes anonymous users)
2. User with Google accounts
3. Only members of this blog
4. Registered users, includes openID

I always had mine set on 4. Registered users, includes openID. That way, even someone without a Google account could comment. But that option has disappeared. #4 Registered users isn't even an option. They've removed it completely. Now it has my settings as 2. User with Google accounts. What? I certainly didn't change it and now that #4 isn't an option, I changed it to 1. Anyone (includes anonymous users) Because I'm allowing anyone to comment (hoping that'll fix the problem and my comments will be emailed to me again) I also put on comment moderation. Meaning I'll have to approve every comment before it's published. Since I'm allowing anonymous users, comment moderation is pretty much necessary. That shouldn't be too big of a deal and if it fixes the problem, it'll be worth it. 

If you use Blogger for your blog platform, have you noticed this problem too? Are you still getting your comments emailed to you? It's so frustrating because I kept having to check my post to see if there were any comments. It's much easier when they're just emailed to me. 

And because I can't do a post without a pic, here's Finn relaxing with his foot propped up...

Edited to add: Well it doesn't look like my "fix" worked because it's still not emailing me comments for moderation. So I changed my settings back to "User With Google Accounts" and took off moderation. We'll see...



  1. Hey Lisa, the comment mess is a system-wide Blogger issue that they're aware of and working to correct. With all the new GDPR rules things have been changing and yes, who can comment and how we may respond to them has been affected. If you go to your Blogger dashboard you can see your comments there and approve them (if you want to put moderation back on), but you need to check it often. There is a Blogger Help Forum and all the information is there...hope this all gets fixed soon. I miss my comment emails, too...and especially the ability to email friends back!! 😊

  2. I've been getting your emails just fine. I've always opted for #1 with no moderation approval. Oh, Finn! When I die, I want to come back as a cat in a home like mine or yours!

    Good luck with your issues. I lost my IG account a couple of days ago....just "poof" and it wasn't there. I was invited to set up a new account ("But I don't want a new account, I want my old account!") So, if you get a request from me to "Follow," you'll know why! Aargh!

    Have a great week!

  3. I just love Finn. My huge orange male kitty is very relaxed all over the house too. He has cancer and is even laid back at the specialists' office.

  4. I've never visited you before but your post on the comments brought me here as I'm having the same issue. It's very frustrating.

  5. Yes, having the same problem. Yesterday I had 138 anonymous comments but I have moderation on so I was able to delete them. Hope they fix it soon!

  6. I am having the same issue. Hopefully it is resolved soon!

    Judy @

  7. Hope things are better today!!! Love the kitty picture...they can certainly get into some silly positions!

  8. I have noticed the problem - from both directions. When I comment on you site, I usually get a notice saying it was "undelivereable" ??? and I have had similar issues on my blog. And I am so challenged when these types of issues!! Hope it works for you!!


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