Monday, January 15, 2018

Latest Walmart Run

I got up this morning and started my day by cleaning the washing machine and then I cleaned the Keurig. Exciting, right? :) After all that, I made a quick trip to Walmart. I found some good deals and thought I'd share. 

 I've been looking for some new pajamas for some time now. I had very specific requirements: They had to have short sleeves and be capri length. (It's usually too hot here, even in the middle of winter, to wear long pants/sleeves.) And they had to have buttons down the front and have some sort of pattern. I finally came across these for only $13.84 and they met all my requirements...

 I bought them in every color. :) It's hard to tell, but the pink ones are striped and the black ones have white dots on them. Oh, and they're Secret Treasures brand. Love these pajamas!

If you follow @whoawaitwalmart on IG, you're probably already aware of these. Love the three colors these baskets come in and that price is great! 

I didn't get any, but if I can think of something to do with them, I'll go back and get a few. 

I try to eat yogurt about three times a week and I've been waiting for these to show up in my store...

Girl Scouts flavors!!! They're so yummy! 

I have to go to Walmart for my shampoo because my HEB doesn't carry it. Some of you have asked and yes, I'm still using this Suave avocado and olive oil shampoo and conditioner. It helps with my frizzy hair. :) 

Not sure if I've ever shared this mascara on here. I've been using L'OrĂ©al Voluminous Million Lashes for a long time now and love it. I get the waterproof kind because of our humidity. 

My boys have some road trips planned and Logan is going away to college in another year and a half. (He's going to a local college right now) So I bought some Fix a Flat for them to keep in their cars. 

We all have AAA, but it never hurts to have these things with you. They tease me because I insist on them having a flashlight, batteries, a space blanket, bottled water, a phone charger, etc. etc. in their cars. It puts my mind at ease though. :) 

I broke one of my candle holders right before Christmas and the hubby glued it back together. Then Finn knocked it over and broke it again. I threw it away and decided to look for a copper colored one to replace it with and found this one at Walmart for only $2.87...

It's really pretty when lit. 

It was 65 degrees today, but the weatherman is saying we might get some light snow this week. It's already snowed here twice. I never shared the second time because it was just a very light dusting and only accumulated on the patio furniture. I don't think we've ever had snow THREE times in one year! I'll keep y'all posted. Texas weather is crazy. 



  1. This really is a crazy weather! Thanks for the tip on the capri pajamas. Secret Treasures are always a favorite!

  2. I love those jammies, so cute! I saw the baskets at our store yesterday and fell in love with them!--they really are cute and a real good price!

  3. My retired husband likes to go to Walmart with me, but doesn't like to shop so it really puts a damper on my finding cute stuff like those baskets. Love them! I'm going to buy them to put books in to put on my shelves. Thanks for the tips. We're in NE Texas and it's cold up here today.

  4. Thanks for sharing Lisa, super cute jammies! And thanks for the cleaning post. I can not get my shower floor clean, I've tried tilex, bleach, borax, now I'll try the Method cleaner you showed. I guess we should enjoy the chilly weather while it lasts, but it makes me want to bake and eat. Have a blessed day!

  5. Those pjs are so cute! I have to sleep in an all-cotton gown, because I get too hot in anything else; but I do love pjs to put on after dinner & watch comfy! I really like those baskets.

    Stay snuggly if you get more snow!

  6. I am telling you girl you find the best things at Walmart etc. You need to be their spokesperson.
    I love Yoplait and did not see these flavors yet. Will be looking for those.
    Happy Tuesday.

  7. Those pjs are so cute! And you reminded me I need to clean our washer ;-) Thinking I might get a chance tomorrow as we are expecting the same crazy weather you are!!! Over it. I made my girls carry the same things in their vehicles, and more than once they have come in handy. My oldest got stuck on the road for 8 hours during snowpocalypse!

  8. It's so funny how different the weather is across the country, isn't it? I sleep in big fuzzy pjs and sometimes, I layer something underneath because even with the heat it's so cold. There's just no way to warm up when it's 5 degrees outside. Send some of that 65 degree weather here please!

  9. I love Pj's. I have to buy them in separates as I'm larger on top, if you know what I mean, and smaller on the bottom. I go to a few websites. But like you, I love capris, and short sleeves.

    I always enjoy your updates on Walmart bargains, thanks so much!


  10. Love your new pj's.....very cute! It has been bitterly cold here and we have had a little snow too. I can't wait for warmer temps.
    Have a great weekend!!!!


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