Friday, January 26, 2018

Cats, Crowns and Makeup

Holly and Finn have been taking their own sweet time getting to know each other. Finn just wants to play, play, play and Holly is more like "Stop. You're interrupting my 11th nap for the day." 

The other day, Holly was sleeping on my bed and Finn jumped up there. Holly didn't even open her eyes, she just growled at him. He ignored her and plopped down next to her...

Close, but not touching.

I noticed he kept trying to get closer to her, then all of a sudden I looked over and saw this...

I texted the pic to my aunt and said "We have contact!" Lol! It was the first time they were actually touching while napping. It only lasted a few minutes though. Holly glared at him, hissed and moved a couple of inches away. Ha! She's used to being an only child, I guess. 

In other equally exciting news, I Googled "Joanna Gaines Makeup" the other day. What? Y'all don't google stuff like that? Weird. Anyway, I remember her saying she used a certain brand of blotting sheets and I was in the market for them. Blotting sheets are used when you get a little oily in your T-zone, or anywhere on your face. You can blot your face with them and it removes the oil, but not the makeup. I've used tissues before, but they always remove my makeup. I don't always want to apply more powder because that can make it look all cakey. Anyway, I figured with her living in Texas, she deals with the same humidity as me, so whatever she recommended would probably be a good choice. 

When I read makeup reviews online, I always look for reviews from Texas. We have very high humidity here and it affects how well your makeup stays on, etc. If I read a review from someone in California and they say it holds up well to the heat, I'm like...yeah, but you don't have "real" heat, lady. :) 

So Jojo uses these...

And I have to agree with her. These work very well! I bought two packages and keep one in my vanity at home and one in my purse for on the go blotting. :) 

There's a little sticky piece on the inside that automatically pulls a new sheet out for you when you open the case...

Neat, huh? They were very reasonably priced too. I paid less than $5 and there's 50 sheets in a pack. 

Okay, y'all know my love for crowns, right? I love using them in my decor, but I don't have too many. I have this little one which is actually a very inexpensive Christmas ornament...

And another Christmas ornament that was red and I painted it, but the red was starting to show through a little...

And this little crown box that I got in the dollar section at Michael's...

I bought a crown stamp and stamped it onto a piece of scrap paper and put it inside this frame in the master bath...

So when I saw this at Hobby Lobby, AND it was on sale 50% off, I had to get it. :) 

Isn't it a beauty? Not bad for $8.

Do you have a certain item or theme you like to use in your decor? 



  1. That is too funny about Holly and Finn. Not sure I knew about your love for crowns. LOL, at first I thought you were being sarcastic about dental crowns!
    I used to collect bunnies until they multiplied just a tad too much. I have a couple now, but got rid of the majority a long time ago.

  2. Awwww Holly is moving in the right direction with Finn. She will get there. She just wants to make sure Finn knows she is boss and in charge lol! Too cute. I love crowns and I think all of us girls should have crowns in our lives so we can all feel like princesses. Have a great weekend.

  3. Ha!! Those kitties!! Closer and closer each day. Pretty soon Holly will be looking for him!

  4. That is so cute about Holly & Finn...Holly just has to make him understand she is "Head Mistress" of kitty-dom!

    Your crown collection is so the one with the candle in it!

    I have a ton of those "blotter" tissues from when I use to sell Mary Kay Cosmetics. They do work so well.



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