Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Around The House

Just sharing a little of this and a little of that today. 

I scored some late Christmas clearance goodies...

Those Sweetarts and Swedish Fish candy canes are so good! The sugar cookie and peppermint Chapsticks are a favorite too. 

See those cherries in the tub? I made these with them...

I used Pillsbury Confetti break and bake cookies and added a few cherries on top before baking. :) 

So, I tried grits the other day for the first time ever! What?! I know! I can't believe I've never had them. I even have a shirt that says "G.R.I.T.S." (Girl Raised In The South) I felt like such a fraud! Lol! Anyway, I just added butter and salt and they were really good! Definitely a staple from now on. Do you eat grits? If so, what do you put on them?

Holly has reached new heights (literally) since we adopted Finn...

She's constantly finding new places to hide from him, where he can't reach her...

That pic above is on the shelf in the laundry room, above the washer and dryer. It cracks me up that she's sitting in the "dirty" basket. Ha ha! That's where I put my dirty cleaning rags while they're waiting to be washed. It was empty at the time. 

Meanwhile, Finn doesn't seem to be bothered by anything...

Every single year, I buy a Dollar Tree kitten calendar. Like, every single year. They're the purrfect size (see what I did there?) and I love how the date boxes are big enough to actually write in. I use the calendar on my iPhone, but I have to have a wall calendar in the kitchen too. I write everyone's schedules on there and it's a quick way to see what's going on for the week. 

Here's a tip. The pages aren't very thick, and they can tear easily, especially if you're constantly flipping them around like me. So I put reinforcements on the front and back of every page like this...

Now they don't tear all year long. :) 

One more thing...Did you know you get a discount on your homeowner's insurance if you have a monitored home security system? It's a pretty big discount. Our discount is actually more than we pay for monthly monitoring, so it's like he monitoring is free! It's worth looking into if you've been thinking of upgrading your home security. 

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  1. The cookies look yummy. Remind me of the cherry ice box cookies we used to get at a bakery in Waco (when we were eating gluten ;-)
    Too funny about your sweet kitty. I do love the idea of the dirty/clean baskets for dish rags! I keep my nicer clean ones in a basket on my kitchen counter, but we are always just throwing the dirty ones in the laundry room sink.
    I am not a huge sweet/candy eater, but I do like the dum dums because they are small and just the right size if you need a little treat.

  2. Great tip on the homeowners' insurance...I'll have to look into that.

  3. Poor Holly having to hide from Finn. She is too cute. The cookies look so good. I am trying right now to cut out a lot of sugar and carbs. It has been sooooo hard. My fave candy is Swedish Fish so I bet the candy canes are so yummy. We found that to be true too about the security system giving you a big break on your insurance. Have a great day Lisa.

  4. I live in SC and we love grits! Try the yellow ones in a bag found at Publix. I do mine in the microwave on 50% power. Cook for about two mins, stir well, continue cooking at 50%. We add salt, pepper and butter, but you can add some grated cheese when they finish cooking. Stir well to melt. Cheese grits! Sooooo good! Can also crumble cooked bacon on top.

    1. My store doesn't carry yellow grits, but I'll look at some other stores. I really need to try cheese in them. Oh, and bacon...yes, please! Thanks for the ideas!

  5. We didn't have grits very often when I was growing up in Louisiana; but when we did, it was usually with bacon and eggs...in place of hash browns, I guess. I haven't had them for years, but it's so funny, I was just thinking about them the other day!

    Holly is a smart little lady....whatever it takes to get away from the "youngster!"

    Warm hugs,

  6. I really always love your tips! Yes I did know about the monitored home security/insurance discount. We've been doing that as long as we've owned a home. It's a big savings for the home security and fire protection.

    Having that basket of dirty rags is a great idea! I usually just throw them straight in the washer but then they don't always smell right or they don't need to be in the washer with other things so I end up removing them. I just might try to do that.

    Holly is cracking me up. Our last cat, Fluffy, did the same thing. I have a picture of him sleeping in the basket I kept napkins in!! He also would jump up on the very top of the cabinets and sleep. They just can't help themselves.

    Keep those good ideas coming, Heloise. :)

  7. Yep, we like grits. Have you had shrimp and grits yet?--it's so gooooood!! and with butter and bacon crumbled on top, so delicous! Love the kitty cat pictures!

  8. You always have such great tips, Lisa! Your kitties make me smile.


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