Sunday, December 31, 2017

Welcome Back, Regular Decor

All my Christmas decor has been packed away and it feels so good to have everything back to normal. :) 

Since I went very minimal with Christmas decor, it only took me 2 hours to pack it all away. After it was all put up, I did a little baking. I felt like I missed out on all the Christmas baking, due to the flu. So this was a fun afternoon for me. I called it my "New Years Baking." 

See that big book? That's full of dessert recipes I've been collecting over 30 years! When we first got married, I started out with a little recipe box. I quickly ran out of room in that little box and had to come up with a better (expandable) alternative.

On the left is my regular recipe book with main dishes, casseroles, appetizers, etc. and on the right is the dessert one..

These are just photo albums with the magnetic (sticky) pages. When I run out of room in a particular section, I just add more refill pages. I organized all my recipes a long time ago and it's been so helpful when looking for a particular one. 

I'm also getting some use out of my new mug...

I love how the house feels so fresh and clean after all the holiday decor is packed away...

This was my favorite gift wrap this year, so after Christmas, I sent my hubby to Hob Lob to get a couple more rolls. They were only $3.20 each!

Gotta love after Christmas sales! 

P.S. I'm working on another Favorite Things post, so stay tuned! 

Wishing you all a healthy, happy and prosperous new year! 



  1. Girl, you are always so organized! We are doing the same thing right now but it's taking me longer because I'm easily distracted. :)

    Happy New Year!

  2. Happy New Year Lisa! Thanks for sharing about the shampoo, flip flops & boots.
    I looked on the Kohl's website and the boots were back up to $99. Did you end up getting a 1/2 size or whole size bigger than your regular shoe size? Boots & sneakers always seem to run smaller. Wishing you a very blessed new year and enjoy this delicious cold weather!

  3. We are not quite there as the big tree still needs to come down. Then the house will get a good cleaning. But I have to say the few spaces where I took Christmas down and have yet to put "normal" decor back I am kinda loving cleared off!
    I am ready for a more normal routine, especially on the meal front. We slacked off on meal planning the past couple weeks.
    Happy New Year friend!!

  4. That's exactly how I use to keep recipes, but purged that system and switched to 8"x8" notebooks for only the "tried & true" recipes. This new system works well for the two of us, especially since I use Pinterest so much for recipes.

    My Christmas is all packed up & stored away, but it took me several days.

    Happy New Year to you and your family...including Holly & Finn!

  5. I haven't taken my Christmas stuff down yet. I am still enjoying the signs of a season that goes by too quickly. During this week, I will pack up the santas and the other decor (like you said, not much) but next weekend the trees will go. I think I may keep my string lights up a while longer though. I like their glow in the winter! Happy New Year!


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