Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Our Christmas 2017

Oh y'all...I had the flu right before Christmas and it was awful! I've never felt that bad in my life! I was basically on the couch for a solid week. (Thank goodness for dry shampoo!) It was terrible and the reason why I've missed so many of your posts. I finally started feeling better on Christmas day, and for that, I was very grateful. 

But leading up to the big day, my men had to do all the Christmas prep...all the baking, cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking. There was no way I could have accomplished all that with the flu. They did a really good job, without too much complaining. ;) 

Here's our Christmas dinner not prepared by me...

Texas Pecan Praline spiral sliced ham, hashbrown casserole, seasoned green beans with bacon and Sister Schubert rolls.

They even made all these desserts, including that almond torte!

 Christmas sandwich cream cookies, frosted sugar cookies and sand tarts. 

Delicious almond torte.

It all turned out really well and we had a great Christmas. I hope you did too!

Some of the gifts my boys gave me...

I've finally reached "Crazy Cat Lady" status, y'all! I'm so proud! Actually, I think I've been one all my life. :) 

And that Echo is pretty neat too. I'm always having Alexa remind me to do things. Much easier than setting an actual timer. Aren't we lazy these days?! What I'm not used to is my son talking to me through Alexa when he's not even home! Scared me earlier today when all of a sudden Alexa played her little tune and Logan started asking me a question. Ha ha! He uses the "drop in" on the Alexa app to scare me like that. He has an Echo in his room too and I can't wait to "drop in" and scare him as well. I think that's how I'll wake him up for school from now on. Ha ha! I have to admit, it is convenient and quicker than even texting. 

Wishing you all a happy new year filled with health and happiness!



  1. Oh girl...so sorry you came down with the flu. I started feeling bad late Christmas Eve, after two church services (in which I sing in the choir). Just a bad cold, but I haven't been sick in I don't know when! I was so looking forward to this week, after all the hustle and bustle only to be sniffling and blowing my nose non stop! Next year I know to up my vitamins weeks before!!
    Glad the guys stepped in to help you. It all looks delicious.
    Praying this week is better for you.

  2. I'm glad you are on the mend. What a miserable way to spend the week before Christmas. So glad your crew took good care of you! Merry Christmas!

  3. Glad you feel better Lisa. Your handsome men in your life are the best. Keepers for sure. Glad you could enjoy Christmas day. Have a great week leading up to the new year.

  4. How do you like the echo dot so far?
    XO Ellen from Ask Away

  5. So glad you're feeling well now, Lisa. I think that your boys did a fabulous job....and from one cat lady to another, great mug!!

  6. I hope you are feeling well by now, Lisa. Getting sick before a holiday or big event is so stressful. Your boys did a great job! They kept your Christmas pretty much normal it seems!

    Love the mug!



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