Friday, October 27, 2017

Super Deal on Holiday Pillow Covers

I had to share this deal with y'all! Look at these cute holiday pillow covers on Amazon. This one is a FOUR PACK for $12, including shipping!!! All these I'm showing you today are from TrimakeShop on Amazon. They're 18"x18" so they work perfectly with the standard pillow forms sold at places like Hobby Lobby. 

Look at these cute designs. Can you believe it's only $14 for all four, including shipping?! Crazy!

Just put "trimakeshop" in the search bar on Amazon and they'll all come up. 

I love the Halloween ones and you get all three for less than $10 shipped!

This one is perfect for Thanksgiving and it's only $4, including shipping!

Can you believe those prices?! If you only wanted a couple, you could split the price with a friend and really get a good deal! Or you could split them up and give as gifts. 

One more thing...I edited my FALL HOME TOUR POST because I added this cute plaid "throw"...

Isn't it cute? It's actually a $5 scarf from Walmart. :) 

We visited the slab yard today and officially picked our quartz. I'll share pics soon. Happy Weekend! 



  1. What a great deal. And they are so cute! Can't wait to see your quartz installed.
    Happy Weekend friend.

  2. So cute! How are you liking your Kitchen Aid Fridge? It's at the top of my list for possible refrigerators. :)

  3. Great find on those pillows. You should have an Amazon Affiliate account so you could get credit for the links. :)

    Love the scarf- what a great idea.

  4. Happy Saturday Lisa. Love love these sweet pillows and they are even cuter with those prices!!
    Have a great weekend.

  5. Love the pillows and that scarf is awesome. You should be an affiliate salesperson for Walmart and Amazon. You send a lot of business their way, you should get some credit! You could just "reinvest" it in their stores when you shop!! ;)

  6. Thanks for sharing.. [love that you share your wonderful bargain finds with us] Heading over there now..


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