Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Appliance Sneak Peek, Toaster Question and My Garden

I bought a bag of these Pink Lady apples the other day and I've been eating them like candy. They're so good! Kind of tart and sweet at the same time. You also get a little sneak peek of my new KitchenAid appliances in this pic. Well, the ones that have arrived. Still waiting on the fridge and range...

Can't wait to get them all and add the new counters! 

That toaster in the background is on its last leg. I need to replace it soon. We've gone through about 5 or 6 toasters since we've been married. I'm thinking we need to get a good one this time around and maybe it'll last a little longer. Here's where I need your help. I'll show you the three we're looking at and please let me know if you have one of them. 

This is the one I'm leaning towards. It's a Breville 4 slice. It's made by an Australian company. We really need to have a 4 slice. I like this one because there are no handles. You just push a button on top and it lowers the bread down. It also has a "lift and look" button where it'll raise the bread for you to see if it's done enough and if it's not, it'll lower back down and continue the cycle. The lift and look button doesn't cancel the cycle, it just pauses it. It also has "a bit more" button. If you don't think it's done enough when it pops up, you can hit the "a bit more" button and it'll toast it for 30 more seconds. With four people with four very different toast preferences in the house, this would come in handy. :)

Next up is the Smeg. This one is made by an Italian company. I like the retro look of it, but it doesn't really have many features. Basically, it's the prettiest, but I don't know if it would meet our needs.  
 And last but not least, is the Dualit one. This one is made in England and is supposed to be close to commercial grade. They sell all the parts, so if it breaks, it should be easy to repair. It doesn't have the neat features of the Breville, but it seems like a solid piece that should last for years and years. 
So if any of you have one of these toasters, let me know if you're happy with it. Who knew picking out a toaster would be so confusing. 

Now for a few garden pics...

The morning sun peeking through the bald cypress tree in my backyard...

And the other side of the yard...

You can see the Blue Plumbago is still going strong with blooms and my little shamrock plant is loving it outdoors. 

I finally refreshed my patio pots with some Pansies. The Torenia lasted all summer long, so I think they'll be on the menu for next spring/summer too. I tried to get Pansies the other weekend, but it was still in the 90's, so I decided to wait. Now we're "only" in the 80's during the day, so hopefully they'll do fine. 

My breakfast the other morning. Sausage balls, a Poptart and coffee with Almond Joy creamer.

Nutritious, no? :) 

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  1. We have a Breville toaster oven and love it. Have several of their products, and have been very pleased with them. We had an issue with our first toaster oven, and they replaced it for free. They stand behind their products. Haven't heard of the Smeg. My brother and his wife purchased a Dualit years ago. She hunted one down until she could find a good price. It was the only one she would consider.
    Need to take my ferns out of the pots on the porch this week, and get to planting some fall flowers. It finally cooled off this week.
    And, now you have me craving sausage balls!! LOL

  2. I love your new microwave! Beautiful! Ours is on its last leg so I know it will have to be replaced very soon. I also have had bad luck with toasters. They don't last long. Since we bought the stove with two ovens I rarely use ours. The top stove has a toaster feature and I can make a tray full of toast all at once in 90 seconds. Love that thing! 😀 Your yard looks gorgeous. I hope the temperatures cool off a little more soon.

  3. Beautiful appliances! I have a Kitchen Aid toaster...in red. Big surprise, I know! 😉

  4. Your new appliances look great! You will enjoy those I'm sure! I have a Dualit toaster (2 slice). I bought it many years ago and it is still working great. It was expensive but worth every penny because it's just SO good! We don't use it as often now but when my kids were little we used it daily. That's how old mine is!!

  5. Good luck with your toaster selection. I just absolutely love the "smeg", might not be practicle, but it's cute. !!!! Thanks for sharing your back yard, I must get caught up in mine. Hugs !!

    1. I love the Smeg too...it's just so pretty. Decisions, decisions. :)

  6. We have some Breville appliances, among them a two slice toaster that we really like. We have had it several years.

  7. Hi Lisa,
    We just got the Breville toaster and love it. I had an oster toaster for years and it finally pooped out so I had heard great things about Breville and got one. Love it! Love seeing your sneak peak.

  8. We have all Whirlpool/KitchenAid appliances. My sister worked for Whirlpool for 25 years, and we often got our appliances at a discount. Even so, I could never find any fault with them. We do have LG washers and dryers at both houses---can't beat them.

    We have terrible luck with toasters and vacuums!!! lol! We have a four slice Kitchenaid (and mixer, food processor and slow cooker). And no discounts!

    I love the pics of your backyard. It looks very lush and healthy. I'm filling some pots with pansies. Those and mums are the last blooms we will have until the first frost.

    Jane x


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