Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Summer Clothing Steals and Deals

As promised, I'm back today with another "steals and deals post." This one is all about summer tops. Everything I'm sharing today ranges from $4.94 to $9.94, so it's all very affordable.

I love when I hear from y'all and you tell me how you got in on these deals too. It truly makes me happy to know I helped someone find a good deal. I get lots of DM's and emails asking me to continue with these posts, so here ya go!  

All of these shirts came from Walmart (surprise!) I bought all mine at my local store, but I included links to the ones I could find online.

They're all sleeveless. Remember how I love to wear lightweight cardigans all the time? Well, when the heat sets in here in Houston, it helps to wear something sleeveless under those cardigans. Keeps me a little cooler in our 95 degree temps. :) So I went to Walmart with the intent to only purchase sleeveless, and boy, did they deliver!

Check out the sweet macrame details on this one below...

This pic didn't turn out as I hoped. It's hard to take a pic by yourself. Ha!

Here's another one with some cute details. Love that lace medallion!

Click HERE to see these online.

I had to pick up these striped numbers. I thought the red would be cute on the 4th of July...

The two below are my favorite. They actually come in 8 pretty patterns and are under $10.

Click HERE to see these online.

These are all lightweight and very comfy. I have plenty of room in them and they go perfectly under all my cardigans. 

Just wanted to share some good deals with you. Let me know if you purchase any of these. They're so comfy!



  1. Lisa these are really sweet tops and what fabulous prices. These will be perfect for your summer days in Texas.

  2. Great deals and super cute tops, Lisa. I need some new clothes. I went to Dress Barn last week when I needed a dress for a wedding and I was so surprised. I always thought it was for *ahem* older ladies, so I avoided it. I was shocked, they had really great stuff, I got a dress for the wedding and some pretty light clothes for spring and summer. I don't know if they have updated their inventory and image or if now I am just *ahem* old. ;)

  3. Wow, those are so cute, Lisa! You find the best deals!
    Hugs, Carol

  4. Lisa, Great buys for summer. I love the top and sweater combination. I love long sleeves and this would work for me. Blessings , xoxo, Susie

  5. I love each and every top, Lisa! And your deals! It feels so great to stat a new season with some new outfits. I'm getting ready to start looking myself!

    Jane x

  6. Those are all cute. I really like the last two and stripes are NEVER out of style. Those were all great buys!!!! xo Diana


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