Monday, May 15, 2017

A Backyard Visitor, A Few Funnies and a Hilarious Product (that really works!)

First things first and before I forget, I want to give you a little jury duty tip...I had jury duty recently. It's almost an hour away for me but thanks to my super smart Aunt's advice, I called the courthouse before I left to make sure they were still holding jury duty that day. And you know what??? They said it was cancelled for the rest of the day because all the cases had already been worked out! So glad I called first before making a two hour round trip drive! They said if I still wanted my $6 check, I would have to come in. thank you. :) They said I didn't have to do anything and could throw away my jury summons. Thank goodness! I was so grateful. My summons wasn't until 12:30, so I guess that's why they already had everything worked out. Yippee! So my tip is to always call first, especially if you have a later time, to see if it's been cancelled for the day. :) 

So onto other things...I stepped out onto the patio the other day to find this little fellow...

Look to the left...see it in the grass? 

Here's a closer look...

Isn't he cute? Anyway,  I call him Claude. :) Not sure where he came from or why he was visiting us, but he stayed awhile, then meandered over to the back garden by the bridge and disappeared into the bushes. 

In other news, I've been seeing lots of funny posts on IG lately. Hope these give you a laugh...

I laughed so hard at the one below! That would totally be me! Lol!

I honestly don't know what I would do! Ha!

I still remember how hard these were to separate. 

This next one was hilarious too. I've had to put a few outfits in their place like this before...

Hope these gave you a laugh! :) 

One more thing...I debated whether I should post about this next product. The 12 year old in me laughs every time I think of it, but you know what? It works! Like, it really works. ;) 

 I present to you...Poo-Pourri!

Okay y'all, this is cracking me up! (pun totally intended) I've been hearing about this product for ages, but was hesitant to buy it. Then I was in line at The Container Store recently and the girl in front of me was inquiring about it and the sales clerk told her they can't keep it in stock, it sells out so quickly. That got me interested. :) 

For those of you that don't know, Poo-Pourri is a product that you spray in the potty BEFORE you go and there will be absolutely no odor afterwards. Hee hee! Just shake it up (because the product does separate a little) and spritz a little in the potty and you're good to go. Two sprays seems to be plenty. I got the lavender vanilla scent on Amazon and y'all, this really does work. ;) 

I got the 8 ounce bottle for about $20 and poured some into smaller clear spray bottles (that I bought for $1 at Walmart in the travel container section) That way, I can have one in each bathroom and just refill as necessary from the big bottle. 

Above is my smaller spray bottle I got at Walmart. They do sell smaller size bottles of Poo-Pourri for travel, etc. but I don't think they're refillable. I didn't want to have to be purchasing new bottles all the time, so this seemed more economical. 

So tell me, have any of you tried this? It's okay if you want to comment anonymously. Lol!



  1. Ha! Thanks for the laugh. Have not purchased, but I know everyone swears by it!! LOL

  2. I have seen that at several boutique drug stores in my area. I have never tried it. And I love your Instagram funnies. The one about the clothes on the floor made me (and my girls) laugh out loud!! Ps- I love Flipping Out and Jenni Pulos.

  3. Great post, Lisa! Just the laugh I needed this morning. LOL Love the funny posts from IG, especially the one about the phone. LOL Never tried the bathroom spray and often wondered if it works. You know now I am going to have to buy some. :) Enjoy your day!

  4. Haven't tried the poo spray. There are several DIY versions using essential oils on Pinterest. Love the funnies...had to pass the OCD one along to my daughter...we both have our little "idiosyncrasies".

  5. Awww Lisa love your little visitor. Hope he comes back on occasion to visit again. Love all these funnies you posted. They made me LOL this morning. Thank you. Now I need to get back to packing land! Have a great Tuesday.

  6. The turtle was so cute and the funnies..hilarious!!! "That product" does work so well! I even water mine down and Still great---hahahahaha! Loved the post!

    1. I love your tip about watering it down!!! I'm definitely going to try that. :) Glad you liked the funnies too!


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