Sunday, May 7, 2017

Even More Walmart Finds...

So as I mentioned earlier, I had to return the Tencel pj's from Target. They were so comfy, but they just didn't fit right. So...I got $65 back from that return and that meant I could then spend $65 on other stuff and it would be like I didn't spend any at all, right? Right??? Hee hee! I mean, I did get $65 back, so technically if I spent $65 on new stuff, it would be like it was free. Oh how a woman's mind works when it comes to shopping. ;) 

So with that money burning a hole in my pocket, I went to...Walmart. Of course I did.

First up, I got this cute little swing dress. These are only $7.88, y'all! I got them in these three colors below...

Sorry for the wonky pic. I really need to quit taking pics in my bathroom. The lighting is terrible.

Here's a pic from the Whoa Wait Walmart IG account...

Isn't she cute? Be sure to follow them @whoawaitwalmart on Instagram to hear about all the good deals! This is how I found out about these.

Here I am in the black one and a close up of the jewelry I wore with it. I love how you can dress these up with statement jewelry and a cardi. 

These are very loose fitting and oh so comfy. Below, I'm in the green stripe. See how I made good use of my Target clearance Bauble Bar tassel earrings? Oh and that necklace was only $1.50 from my local HEB grocery store. They have an entire line of cute necklaces and bracelets for $1.50 each. 

Next up, I'm in the black stripe...

Here's the rest of what I got...My grand total was $65...EXACTLY what I got back after returning the pj's, thank you very much. Am I good, or am I good? :)  

The burgundy and black cardis are very thin and perfect for summer. Or year round in Texas. They were $11 on clearance in the Junior's section. 

See the blue and grey striped tanks? The last time I was there, they were out of those colors in my size, but this time they were fully stocked, so I quickly grabbed them. They're only $4.94.

Here's a close up:

Oh, and my fringe cardi seen here...

It's on clearance for $11 right now too and it comes in two patterns. 

I hope you enjoyed this latest edition of "Lisa's bargain deals at Walmart." :) 

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  1. You are the queen of clothing deals! I love them all. I need to go shopping! ;)

  2. I guess a visit to Walmart is in order....these things are so cute!

    Hugs, Carol

  3. Very. very cute! I love how you accessorize, too. I think that's a personal statement with an outfit.

    You are penny wise. I need to go to Walmart...I'm sort of a Target girl!!

    Jane x

  4. Sooo pretty! You found some great deals!

  5. Those dresses are so cute! I need some easy mom outfits ☺☺☺


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