Saturday, May 14, 2016

A Great Deal and Two More Recipes

Just popping in with a few quick things... 

First off, I know a lot of you missed out on the $11.99 Aldi patio cushions I talked about HERE so I wanted to share these I spotted at Walmart recently...

At $14.97, they're only a few more dollars than the Aldi ones and they have lots of patterns to choose from. 

Awhile back, I posted the Chick fil A coleslaw recipe. (click  HERE to see it) For those of you that aren't aware, they discontinued it and the general public was pretty upset about it, so they gave out their secret recipe to placate everyone. I finally made it the other day and it was a hit!

Okay, I have to talk about this's the "Houston Blend" from HEB and it's so good! As you can see on the label, it has real coconut flakes in it. Here's the description..."a combination of praline and Texas pecan flavoring, along with real coconut flakes." So good! If you're not local, you can still purchase it online HERE. I love that HEB sells items online now.

Speaking of HEB, they recently posted this recipe for Cherry Chocolate Pecan Cake...

Doesn't that sound amazing? I actually have this baking in my oven as we speak. I'll let you know how it turns out. :) 



  1. We made a Chick fil A copycat coleslaw recipe lately. So yummy. Ha, we miss shopping at HEB!

  2. I forgot about Chick fil A discontinuing their cole slaw. I just told my husband (since he loves cole slaw) so maybe we will try their recipe! We don't have a HEB store here. That cake looks good. Wish I could smell it baking right now!

  3. I love your posts...they always have something new to offer. I can't wait to check out the cushions. I desperately need new ones and it's nice to see good prices like these. We only have about 4-5 months to use them so I don't need anything crazy expensive. Yes!

    The recipe looks awesome. We just got a Chick-fil-A near a mall and I haven't been but am curious. What do you recommend?


  4. Love all the recipes you share! Will grab the coffee the next time I'm in HEB ... Sounds really good!

  5. I need new cushions! I don't really, but those are just so pretty I want some new ones now!! ; )

  6. I love that coffee! It is my favorite and I have been buying it for years. The pecan one is also amazing. I need some new cushions also for some old chairs I just repainted. I will have to check our local Walmart. Take care. Maria

  7. Wish we had an HEB nearby! The coffee sounds delish ~ I love trying new flavors. I'll bet the cake is delish too! Thanks for sharing ~



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