Tuesday, February 23, 2016

This and That

I hope y'all don't get tired of my Target Dollar Spot posts. :) Just look at this little tray I picked up there for $3...

tray with cutouts

I love the cut outs in the bottom and the wrapped handles on the sides...

It's the perfect size too at about 11x8 inches. I'm currently trying to decide where to put it and what to fill it with.

Some of you may remember the feline brother and sister "twins" my mom recently adopted. 


And Trixie...

 We visited my mom last week and I snapped a couple of pics of them. Look how grown up they are now.

King Cecil...

And Queen Trixie...

They're so cute and really into the mischief stage. :) Their newest trick is grabbing the spare toilet paper rolls in their mouths and running through the house with them. And I'm talking about a full TP roll here, people. They somehow manage to grab the full roll in their mouths and run through the house with little bits trailing behind them! Lol! They've also recently discovered how to jump on top of the fridge and as of yesterday morning...the mantel. Needless to say, they keep my mom on her toes. :)

Okay, do y'all watch Dinner at Tiffani's on the Cooking Channel? It stars Tiffani Thiessen and is such a cute cooking show. Her family is adorable and her kitchen is amazing. Anyway, new episodes are airing now and on a recent one, she talked about how she cooks bacon in the oven. She just puts strips of bacon on a parchment paper lined cookie sheet and pops it in the oven.

I've heard of doing this before, but never tried it until now. In the episode, she was cooking 10 strips and she baked them at 400 degrees for 35-45 minutes. I only baked 6 strips, so mine were ready right at 25 minutes. I'm guessing the fewer strips, the shorter bake time. 

Look how good they turned out...

Yum! It was so easy. You just place them in the oven and let them cook. No flipping required. And the best part is that with the parchment paper, there's virtually no cleanup. 

On another food related topic, my sweet blogging friend Vel from Life and Home at 2102 told me about these little goodies...

Oh my goodness, y'all! These are amazingly good! They're Slim Fast Dark Chocolate Cherry Cashew bars and they taste just like a chocolate covered cherry! They also have 10 grams of protein, so they keep you full for a long time. These are so good to keep in your purse or just to have on hand when hunger strikes. 

Vel also just did a major master closet makeover that you simply must see. Click HERE to see it. And while we're on the topic of closet organization, you have to click HERE to see another amazing closet makeover by my friend Carol. Can you tell I've had organization on my mind lately? :) These two ladies are the queens of organization! 

And since I showed pics of the twins, I can't end this post without a pic of my own little princess, Holly Joaquin...

And here's her new favorite toy...

Yep, it's a pull tab from a package of ham! So far, her favorite toys have been this pull tab, a plastic straw, and a piece of pink curling ribbon. She's resourceful, for sure. :)

Y'all have a great day!



  1. That is such a cute tray you found! I can't believe it was only $3. I have been cooking bacon in our oven for a few years now. I forgot who I learned it from but it is the best way to cook it! I use aluminum foil on our baking sheet. Another rule of thumb is to make sure you have some sort of edge to your pan so it won't leak in your oven. I think they're called jelly roll pans. I just saw Tiffany Theisan on The Insider last night promoting her cooking show! I'll have to locate it and watch it. Your mom's cats have certainly grown. I used to have a cat that would climb up on my refrigerator and even my mantel. I hated him doing that! He would knock things over causing them to break.

  2. Loving all the kitties. :)

    Your tray is pretty too. Did I ever tell you that in our town of 40,000 we have a really old school Target and it doesn't excite me. I used to be really mad that there wasn't an amazing Super Target like we had 3 or 4 miles from our house in Oklahoma but I'm saving money this way. :)

  3. Love your Target find! And, yes I cook bacon in the oven when we have a larger crowd. Brown sugar glazed is even yummier. Need to look up that cooking show. Adore her and cooking!!

  4. Love your new tray.. so cute ... and I love your Target Dollar Spot hauls.
    the Twins have really grown..and all three are adorable.
    Have a blessed week.

  5. Love your new little tray!!! I can't believe how big the twins have gotten!!!!! I can just picture them running thru the house with toilet paper trailing behind them, flapping in the wind!!!!! LOL...I have always wanted to try cooking bacon in the oven. I am wondering though, does it spit and make a mess? Our kitten Sophie always finds the oddest things to play with too. Holly is certainly a cutie pie :o)

  6. Lisa your kitty is so pretty! I cant believe those are the same two kittens tho! Wow they have grown and are so big and pretty!

  7. Great find, Lisa! My daughter bought me a cake pedestal there the other day ~ so cute! I love Tiffani's show and she has lovely and interesting guests. Have you watched Valerie Bertinelli's show? I like it too. I much prefer cooking bacon in the oven...so much easier and cleaner. I can't stand the grease popping all over the stove! :)

    Have a great day ~

  8. I have never seen that cooking show, but I remember Tiffani from the Saved By The Bell (good girl!) and Beverly Hills 90210 (bad girl!) days. I need to go check it out. I won't be doing any cooking, but I want to 'catch up' with her now. Cute kitties...all three...and love that yours is a cheap date when it comes to toys! Ps...I will never tire of your dollar spot finds!!

  9. Love your blog, & all 3 are beautiful kitties - (I have 4.) thanks

    1. Thank you, Mary! Wow, four kitties! They sure are fun and it's always nice to have a kitty around the house. :)

  10. Love your new find! Beautiful tray. The twins are so cute. They are getting so big. I also have had closet organization in mind for a while now. We have this large closet upstairs that is calling for an upgrade. :) Enjoy your day. Maria

  11. How sweet of you to mention my closet makeover, Lisa! I have done a bit of tweaking, so I really should do an update. That is a darling little tray, and I never get tired of seeing what you've found at Target's dollar spot. Cecil and Trixie have gotten so big.....love that color around Cecil's nose and mouth. Makes him look like he was rooting in the dirt. And Miss Trixie has just the sweetest face. Too funny about the tp thing! Holly is like Abby, and finds the most absurd things to call a toy!

    Warm hugs,

  12. 1. I love Carol's closet make over and have seen it personally!! Gorgeous! 2. Sweet kitties, all of them. 3. Bacon, My Love, but really virtually no clean up? What about splatter?? Would love to do this!! Except, then I'd eat Way Too Much of it!!! 4. I just posted my own $3 Target makeover project :) Love the dollar spot! Many blessings, Cindy

  13. Nice tray! And the cutout design on the bottom...yes please!!
    Those kitties are so big now!! You had me laughing with the toilet paper mischief story....too cute!


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