Thursday, February 18, 2016

The Beauty Blender Sponge and Musings

So, I mentioned I got a delivery from Sephora the other day and here's what I got...

It's the Beauty Blender sponge. Have you heard about it? You use it to apply liquid foundation and I was pretty impressed with it. 

You soak it in water (which makes it expand) then squeeze out the excess water, squeeze it one more time with a paper towel to remove a little more water, (you definitely want it damp, so don't dry it completely) then dot your foundation on your face and use this to blend it. Use the bottom (wide) end to kind of "bounce" the foundation all over. It's like you're tapping it all over your face. Does that make sense? :) 

It did a really good job of blending in my foundation (I use L'Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte.) There are lots of YouTube videos out there with tips on how to use this. It really is all it's cracked up to be, so I had to share. :) 

And as a bonus, Sephora always lets you choose three free samples with your order, so I chose three cologne samples to add to the Valentine gifts for my boys. :) Here's a couple of them:

They smell SO good too! 

So, switching gears here. I saw this on Instagram the other day. @theothersideofneutral posted it and I had to laugh...

So true, right? :) 

But having said that, I did manage to make some homemade bread the other day. My son texted me from school and requested I make it, so how could I not? Nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread when you walk in the door. 

Speaking of carbs, I made these biscuits the other day too...

They were truly the best, fluffiest, most delicious biscuits I've ever made. So yummy and everyone loved them. 

I got the recipe from my sweet friend Stacey at Poofing the Pillows

Click on her blog link above for the recipe. It only has three ingredients, so it's quick and easy. 

I posted this pic of my bedroom on IG  and thought I'd share it here too. I added the little floral arrangement on the bedside table. 

Here's a closer look. I've had this for years and years and it's been this close to being in the trash several times. Now I'm glad I saved it. 

So, that's all for now. Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. Thanks Lisa! I'm so happy that you liked them. It's fun to see them here at your house. We eat them all too often because they are wonderful and we always have those ingredients.

    I'm so not in the makeup loop but I did go to Ulta last week (first time ever) and got makeup and some brushes. The brush I bought makes a huge difference in the look of my not so perfect skin. The sponge sounds even better and easier to use.

  2. We have the blender! I don't always wear foundation anymore, but my teens do and they love tools of any kind. We actually buy the knock offs now, either at Ulta or CVS. They are like five bucks and everyone seems to like them just as much. Those biscuits looks yummy. I need to make! :)

  3. Sadly, I have been using the same foundation for years but now I need to look for something more line minimizing. *sigh* I'll have to give the sponge a try when I find a new one. Those biscuits look soooooo yummy too!
    Have a great weekend!!!

  4. Lisa, great tip on the blender sponge. I had heard about it and always wondered if it really worked. Still laughing after reading the meal planning reality check. LOL Yup, those are my thoughts exactly. :) The homemade bread and biscuits look so yummy! Enjoy your weekend. Maria

  5. I've heard about those blender sponges & plan to buy some the next time I'm close to Ulta or Sephora. I use Loreal Visible Lift foundation and love it.....ya know, because I have mature skin that needs any kind of lift it can get! That Meal Planning Reality Check is so funny & so often very true. I do plan meals, but I always write them in! The biscuits look delicious, so now I have to hop over to Stacey's for the recipe.

    Warm hugs,

  6. That blending sponge looks like a good one. You share the best makeup tips! I have never been able to make homemade biscuits very well. They always turn out to hard. I probably over mix it. I may have to give Stacey's recipe a try.

  7. I love make up tips too! Thanks! I am using the dry mineral powder foundation still so cant do a sponge with that but i wonder how it would work with blush??

  8. I haven't tried that sponge yet, but I'm loving the new Garnier Miscellar cleansing water, changed my cleaning routine just like that! I love your fresh and crisp white bedroom Lisa! Lovely!

  9. That sponge must be awesome because a lot of girls like it! Like I said on instagram, I've never tried it but I have tried the up and up one and it was pretty good. I get so bored with using the same beauty "utensils" so I'm always rotating them lol. Love to hear about good ones so thanks!

    I think it's so darn cute that your son requested homemade bread from school!!! You are one awesome mom and that must be one delicious bread!

  10. And I love carbs! Way too much, I must say. I'm trying to get back to my healthy eating but it's been difficult. I love to bake bread! Just something so homey and cozy about it.



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