Monday, October 12, 2015

Suave Moroccan Argan Oil Products...My New Best Friends

Have I got a deal for you today!

Of all the Favorite Things Posts I've done, this has got to be one of my very favorites...

inexpensive argan oil products

Suave Moroccan Infusion shampoo, conditioner, and styling oil.

Here's a close up of the shampoo...

The conditioner...

And the styling oil...

Okay, y'all know I have naturally curly (frizzy) hair, right? Well, I've been hearing all the buzz about Argan oil and even contemplated buying a bottle on Amazon...until I saw how expensive it was.

Then I remembered Suave had their own version. For only a few dollars, how could I go wrong? 

I paid about $4 each for the shampoo and conditioner and about $6 for the styling oil. 

The shampoo and conditioner did a great job and I could already tell it was working to make my hair soft and smooth and it smelled amazing!

But the real star of the show, is the styling oil. This stuff is spectacular! I towel dried my hair and used about four pumps of the oil on my hair from mid shaft to the ends. I have really long hair (past my shoulders) so you may not have to use quite as much if your hair is shorter. 

Anyway, I combed it through to evenly distribute it and blow dried as usual and was so pleased with the results! I don't remember my hair being this soft and straight...ever! 

I even used it on my dry hair after I'd spent some time outside in our 90 degree weather with lovely humidity and it worked wonders to smooth it back into place. 

It really made my hair soft, straight, and smooth and of course I had to share. :) Love this stuff! Let me know if you've ever tried this or another product that you love. 

Y'all have a great week!



  1. I keep hearing about this too. My hair is already too straight so it's not for me but I know it's all the rage. ;)

  2. Love all those products!! I use the oil on Lily's hair because it tangles so much and it always smooths everything so effortlessly. Plus the scent is AMAZING!! She love it too :)

  3. Ooh la la!!! I will ha e to give this stuff a try. I have curly hair too. I rarely blow it out straight because it is so much work. My hair is very extra curly ( with Shirley Temple curls). Lol! I wonder if it will work the same for a curly look. Is it intended to straighten your hair? That's a great price too. I pay about $17 for a bottle of shampoo and conditioner each!

  4. This is at the top of my list for my next run. I am just about out of product and have been using up what I have...but I desperately need something that works on this thick, heavy, kinky hair that I have. I straighten it so this sounds like it might be perfect for me. xo Diana

  5. Great information, Lisa! I have used the shampoo and conditioner before but never the oil. I thought it would leave my hair greasy. My hair is straight but very thick, so when I am out in our lovely humidity, the results are not good. I will for sure give this oil a try. xxx Maria

  6. Great idea, Lisa! I couldn't use these products personally as I have very fine, short hair and have to use all volumizing products. Never use hair would be plastered to my head. :) I have a good friend with long, curly hair and I'm definitely going to share this with her. Thanks so much!


  7. Great tip! I used the shampoo and conditioner after you recommended it recently. I'll check out the oil. I use jojoba oil on the ends of my hair after it has dried, it keeps the frizz away and makes it smooth and shiny. I use it all over, actually! I will definitely look for the Suave next time I'm out.

    Jane x

  8. Well, those sound like some good products, but I'm saving a lot on haircare products right!

  9. Thanks for sharing.. I have really curly hair, so I a going to definitely try these...

  10. Hi Lisa! I bought it too! Works great! How have you been lately?

  11. Hi Lisa! I bought it too! Works great! How have you been lately?

  12. Oh I love that white pumpkin you put on your mantle! And I have that exact same white vase!

  13. Oh I love that white pumpkin you put on your mantle! And I have that exact same white vase!

  14. I've seen this in the aisle but was hesitant to try, but for sure, now I will!

  15. Lisa, I tried these 3 products, and they are amazing.. thank you so much for sharing.

  16. Missing your posts this week..... :)


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