Sunday, October 25, 2015

Dining Room Changes

Well, it's not even Halloween yet and I've already gotten out a few Thanksgiving decorations. My house is a mix of Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I think it's seasonally confused. :)

I only made a few changes. I'll share some today and save the rest for a post later this week. 

On Thanksgiving Day, this buffet will be filled with all kinds of pies, cookies, and candies but for now it's home to a few pumpkins and a turkey platter. 

I was happy to see my "Gather Here With Grateful Hearts" sign again.

Had to move my soup tureen to make room for all those pumpkins on the buffet. 

And now for a very fancy addition to the living room...

Hee hee! Holly bugged me until I got her beloved teepee out again. She stayed in there all day long. Such a silly kitty. Hope y'all enjoy your week!



  1. I first thought Holly was a kid till I saw her in the tent.LOL. What a wonderful collection of pumpkins. xoxo,Susie

  2. Love your turkey platter. and all the wonderful pumpkins. Everything is looking good..
    ps. I am so anxious to start pulling out Christmas.. Hubby told me, please wait until the other holidays are over.ha But, I foresee it coming really soon. smile

  3. Everything looks so pretty! That is so funny about the tent ~ :) Our pets are so precious and yes, they should be spoiled.


  4. I think you are a little bit in love with Holly. :) I love my cat and my dog so I understand.

    Your decorations are sweet and subtle. That's how I like it. Have a great week!

  5. Holly is one spoiled kitty cat!!!! She got lucky when y'all found her. I like all of your pretty Thanksgiving decorations. This year seems to be flying by. Crazy to think that the holidays are almost here.

  6. Holly is the cutest ever - love her personality - she has such a way of letting you know exactly what she wants. Too cute! Your decor is so pretty, too - you really do have a knack for displaying just the right amount so that it doesn't look cluttered at all. That's an area I have to work on! :)

  7. How cute is that!! Adorable. Holly know what she likes! Your mix of fall and Halloween and Thanksgiving looks so good together. With these holidays running so close together you almost have to put it all up at one time. Have a great week.

  8. Mix or not, it all looks great Lisa! That teepee is hilarious! Can't blame you for keeping it though, since your little one loves it!

  9. Mix or not, it all looks great Lisa! That teepee is hilarious! Can't blame you for keeping it though, since your little one loves it!

  10. Oh the teepee is my fave!!!! Those are so much fun! Sometimes, I just want to crawl in one and do absolutely nothing. One can dream right? Holly is living THE life! Love the touches of Thanksgiving you've added thus far :)

  11. Everything looks really sweet, Lisa! I always end up mixing everything -- it works! I've already pulled out any Thanksgiving things that I want to use. They won't be out for long since we aren't having any Thanksgiving celebration here this year. I'll probably start packing away the Fall/Halloween/Thanksgiving in just a couple of weeks and haul out the Christmas. I have to start early because I know it's going to take me a very long time....ya know, between naps! LOL Too funny about Holly and the tent....they are just the funniest little critters! Abby was literally pacing up and down the hallway in front of the guest room this weekend. She does her morning naps under one of the beds in there. Our son stayed with us & was using that room, & Abby was afraid to go in there....completely messed up her routine & she was letting us know!


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