Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Already Making Changes...

Well, I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I'm already making changes to my Fall decor. :)

If you missed my Fall Home Tour, you can view it HERE.

I kept feeling like something was lacking on my mantle. I wasn't happy with the candle holder on the far right. 

I knew I wanted to add something more colorful, so I got out my Fall decor boxes again and started rummaging around until I found these floral seed pod looking things. I have no idea what they're supposed to be, but the colors were right, so I went with it. 

I used some extra wheat as filler for the vase. 

I love the Fall colors and I was so happy to find an excuse to bring back my hob nail milk glass vase. I was already missing it. :)

I added a book under the wheat bundle and white pumpkin to give it a little height (and more color)

Ahhh...much better. Now I can sleep at night. ;)

I also added this free printable to my shelves...

What? You can't see it? Hee hee! It's got very subtle colors (which I love) but that makes it hard to photograph. 

Here's a closer look...

You can click HERE to get yours. 

I love Anne of Green Gables. It was only a few years ago that I read the books for the first time. I now have the whole collection on my Kindle. Some of you may remember this other quote from the Anne of Green Gables books I have in my dining room...

Here's what it says...

One of my favorite quotes of all time. :)

I added this fall candle ring to my dining room table. I used to have this out year round, and I might just do that again. I love the sparkly leaves.  (This was actually garland that I cut up to make little candle rings.)

I recently had to remove my beloved burlap runner because Miss Holly pants discovered how much fun it was to rip little strings of burlap from the edges. I was afraid she'd ingest it, so in order to save it, I had to remove it. Hopefully she'll move on to other things and I can put it back soon. :)

One more thing...due to a fantastic sale at my local garden center, I decided to try my hand at growing Azaleas again. I've had Encore Azaleas before, but never had much luck with them. This time around, I got a Judge Solomon Pink Indica Hybrid Azalea. Long name, huh? 

It won't bloom until Spring, but I can't wait. We actually bought some Azalea potting mix to boost the acidity of the soil. Azaleas love acidic soil, so this should help it get a good start. Lots of people in my neighborhood have these, so I hope it does well. 

Hope y'all have a great week!



  1. Your mantel looks really pretty...I had to Pin it. :)

    I hope your azalea works. We tried in Oklahoma and were never successful but they did tell us that you have to really amend the soil.

  2. And I thought your decor was perfect already! these new little touches definitely matter and make it all the more beautiful, yes, you better sleep Lisa for this job well done!

  3. Love the changes you made to your mantel......soooooo pretty!!!! I'm glad you caught on that Holly was nibbling on your table runner before she ingested any of it!!! Yesterday my sweet Lucy went to a new home with a family who has four children. My husband and Lucy just could not get along.....I got a text a few minutes ago saying Lucy was a big hit with the kids and doing very well. I am soooo relieved! Fingers crossed your azalea does well. They are so gorgeous but we can't grow them here.

  4. I like the change you made to your mantel. The Fall color really looks good there. I also love those quotes that you have framed. It's fun to have words that mean something on the wall. Good luck with your azaleas. I love them too. If your weather is warm enough they'll probably bloom before Spring!

  5. I'm loving the changes you've made! Switching out the candle holder for the milk vase made a huge difference!
    I too love Anne of Green Gables! Have you seen the movies? I remember when I first was introduced to them, I thought, no way am I going to like this corny crap. But I was hooked within minutes!
    Awww, Holly likes the burlap runner too!! lol!! I'm glad you caught on before she ingested it :)
    Excited to see your Azaleas in Spring!

  6. Your mantel looked very nice before, Lisa, but those pops of color really do add so much....besides, those seed pod thingies are so interesting and textural! You know, I think to be a "blogger," you simply must have the "tweakin' gene".....seriously, we can never leave stuff alone! Too funny about Miss Holly and the tablerunner. Unless I have something big and heavy to anchor my tablerunners, Miss Abby will try to nose her way under it. She gets away with many more shenanigans than our human kiddos ever did!

  7. It was pretty before and pretty after. Love the changes! The added pop of color is just beautiful. xxx Maria

  8. Good Morning Lisa. I love the little changes and the pop of fall color on the mantel. Very pretty.

  9. What fun changes, Lisa...and what a surprise....lol NOT! Your mantle looks lovely and I love all your sweet quotes. Good luck with the azaleas. I can't grow them here. xo Diana

  10. Love your mantle, So pretty with the added color.. And I love, love the free printiable..[I have already wend and go mine,ha]. Thank you for sharing.
    I too, keep changing things around ---adding and taking from... I do this with Christmas as well. Just what I call fun..
    Enjoy your beautiful new decor.. and best wishes with your azalea tree..

  11. Well, your mantel just got prettier! It never hurts to tweak. I like how you used the books to elevate the bundle of wheat and pumpkin.

    The quotes are great--I've never read any of these books and I'm so behind on reading I can't add anything to my list!!

    Best of luck with your azalea...I never tried one. I'm getting ready to plant some lilies but other than that I'm pretty tired of the garden. Today was a lot of clean up and storing most of my patio décor. Sniff sniff!

    Jane x

  12. I can't wait to hear how your azaleas work out for you! Our soil is not improved and would only torture them. LOL! And, the Fall printable is adorable - have been meaning to thank you for locating and sharing such cute printables - am printing this one and have the perfect frame for it. Love all your decor tweaks!

  13. So pretty, Lisa! The orange thingys look perfect! Thanks so much for sharing the printable ~ since October is my favorite month, I must have this. :) I've noticed the other one in the small frame and couldn't determine what it said so thank you for sharing that too!

    Hope you're having a wonderful week!

  14. I wish I could send you the azalea bush we have in our yard. I trimmed it down last year and you'd never know it. It's so pretty when its in bloom, but it's in an awkward spot in the yard. Hope yours does well for you in the spring!


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