Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My New Janet Hill Print

Hello there! A while back, while browsing Stacey's Blog, I came across a beautiful print in her kitchen. I asked where she bought it and she told me it's a Janet Hill print from Etsy. 

I LOVED this print! I absolutely had to have one just like it. :) So, I went to the Etsy shop (you can find it HERE) and ordered one for myself. 

And here it is!

Isn't it the sweetest little print?

I've been playing around with it, moving it here and there, trying to find the perfect spot for it.

Here's a close up...

It just looks like it belongs in a kitchen, no? 

There are so many pretty, whimsical prints to choose from in her shop, but I kept going back to this one. 

I have a feeling I've started a new addiction. Stay tuned because you just might be seeing a few more of these popping up in my home. :)

Y'all come back later in the week when I'll be sharing some of my new makeup finds, including my favorite mascara ever!

Hope y'all have a great day!



  1. Love it next to your mixer!

    I stare at this one too: https://www.etsy.com/listing/181326979/crepes-for-suzette-art-print?ref=shop_home_active_13

  2. Don't you just love her work? I keep thinking I'll get one, but then I can't decide which one I want.


  3. Lisa - I have never heard of her but I LOVE that picture. I just jotted the name down so I can go visit her Etsy when I am done here. That is PERFECT with your red mixer. BTW, we have the same granite countertops! Great minds and all..............xo Diana

  4. That is such a pretty print! I've never heard of it before. I love shopping on Etsy. You never know what you're going to find.

  5. Saw this on IG and I think it's perfect beside your mixer too!

  6. LOVE IT! It is a beautiful print and perfect for your kitchen. xxx Maria

  7. Very pretty print....looks perfect in your kitchen :o)

  8. Very pretty. I've heard of her and looked at her shop a few times. This print adds a great pop of color to your counters! Love it!

    Jane x

  9. I love it too! Hows your weather there?

  10. The print looks like a scene from your kitchen with all the fun baking you do for your boys!!!

  11. That is such a sweet little print, Lisa, and just perfect for a kitchen!

    PS: Hoping and praying y'all aren't in the thick of the horrible weather that's hitting so much of Texas.

  12. What a sweet little print! Love all the colors and those pops of red! It looks great in your kitchen :)

  13. That print is lovely, Lisa! I checked out her shop and there's so many pretty ones. Especially like a hot chocolate one she has by a stove! And she's Canadian which would be a bonus for shipping for me! Thanks for sharing :)
    Kendra @ www.joyinourhome.com

    1. Thank you, Kendra! And yes, that's such a bonus for you that she's in Canada! I have that hot chocolate one in my "wish list." I love it! Enjoy your weekend!


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