Sunday, May 17, 2015

Cookies and a Bird Nest

Hello there! We've had several days of doing absolutely nothing and let me tell you, it's been glorious!

During a recent rainy day, I got the urge to make homemade cookies. Sometimes there's nothing quite like spending time in the kitchen mixing and measuring. I couldn't decide between oatmeal cookies or peanut butter, so I asked my son which he preferred. He said "I like the ones with the fork marks on top." So, peanut butter it was. :) 

hallmark cable knit bowls

Do y'all see anything wrong with this picture below? 

I have that nice stand mixer, but for some reason, I almost always just grab the little hand mixer instead. It's like my Kitchenaid has turned into a pretty little decoration. Ha! Don't get me wrong, I DO use it, but for some reason it just seems easier to go with the little one for a lot of jobs. Please tell me I'm not the only one who does this. :) 

Oh, and I have to share the sad state one of my favorite cookbooks is in...

Isn't it pitiful? I literally have to gather it up and stack it up like a pile of papers when I'm done with it. My brother gave it to me for my birthday right after we got married over 25 years ago, so it's been used a ton, but I still love it. 

Oh, and while I was making the cookies, Ms. Holly was enjoying the new box that Amazon so generously delivered to the house just for her enjoyment. Or so she thinks. ;) 

She was napping and I kept saying "Holly...Holly...Hey, Holly!" This was when she finally turned her head toward me and yelled "WHAAAAAAAT???" Lol!

Do y'all use parchment paper when baking? I use it every. single. time. Keeps everything from burning. 

And last but not least, I was in the backyard recently and was so tickled when I found this in the Vitex tree!

So sweet, huh? Looks just like those delicious robin eggs we ate at Easter time. ;) See all the coconut fibers in there? Um yeah, those were pilfered from my window box under the kitchen window. Ha! Guess it makes a fabulous nest. That's okay though. I was happy to provide the building materials for our little feathered friends. 



  1. Girl, get that Kitchen Aid stand mixer going! I love mine and use it almost exclusively. No hand mixing and very rarely do I use the blender because the stand mixer will do it all.

    Your cookies look great and I still love those bowls.

    Holly is precious. She knows you love her.

    Are you getting this message?

  2. I haven't made homemade cookies in a long time. I bet they were good. I don't own a little hand mixer so I always use my kitchenaid. It sits out all the time and is very easy to use. Those bird eggs are so pretty! I wonder what kind of bird they belong to.

  3. I grab my little hand mixer all the time, too, but not usually for cookies because I burned my motor up on one trying to mix in chocolate chips-into stiff dough. lol
    Love the kitty in the box. She's a sweetie!
    I think those are bluebird eggs if I am not mistaken. Lucky you!!!! xo Diana

  4. I'm with you on the mixer Lisa - I actually ended up given away my stand mixer several years ago because it was taking up so much space and I was never using it. But then again, I'm not a girl who loves to spend time in the kitchen :) Love that little birds nest - so sweet!

    1. Isn't that funny how we do that with our mixers? I was SO excited to finally get a Kitchenaid and now I hardly ever use it. :) I'll try to snap a pic of the baby birds when they hatch. I can't wait to see what kind they are!

  5. I have a hand mixer that I use for everything....I have never owned a stand mixer. Since I have gotten by this long without one I probably don't need one. LOL!!!! Your cookies look delicious too! I have never used parchment paper so I will have to try that. Holly looks so cute in HER box :o) Our big dog Judy ripped the screen out of the mudroom screen door so when my husband opened the window 4 inches to let a little air in Lucy was somehow able to squeeze her fat body out the window!!!!!! She didn't go far thankfully but we won't be opening the window again until we get the new screen put in.

  6. Lisa,
    The cookies look yummy and what a cute pic of Holly. Have a great new week.

  7. That little nest is so perfect...and those cookies look pretty perfect too! :-) I got your email about you not getting your comments. That sure was a bummer huh? Thank goodness it's all fixed now.

    1. Thanks Luisa! So glad you got my email. Yep, totally a bummer. Hopefully I'll start to get all my comments now and they won't be lost in cyber space forever. :) Wish I could share those cookies with you. They were mighty tasty!

  8. Well, YUM, I would have gone with the peanut butter cookies, too! I love my Kitchen Aid mixer and use it all the time and wish I had had it when my kiddos were little and I baked all the time! I, too, have a Betty Crocker cookbook that I got as a wedding present almost 46 years ago....yeah, that long ago! Mine is a hardbound with multiple rings and still looks pretty darn good considering how many years I've used it. I bet you could punch some holes in yours and put it in a binder to preserve it longer.

    Our favorite saying around here is "If there's an after-life, we want to come back as a cat!" Abby claims just about any container that she can squeeze herself into -- aren't they just so darn funny?

    Sweet photo of the bird nest. The color of those eggs is just beautiful!

  9. Oh my goodness! How cute is that nest and eggs you found in your tree!!! I would love to find that!
    You had me laughing with the way your son describes the peanut butter cookies...too cute! I always use parchment paper too. It makes for easier cleanups and that's always a plus:)

    Holly seems to be very fond of empty boxes and I don't blame her....neither would Lily who always asks to keep the box haha!

  10. Funny how the comments show that we are divided on the mixer! I love my KitchenAid and use it for everything...I guess because I'm lazy and can walk away while it mixes things!! The stainless steel bowl cleans up magically, too. The cookies look yummy and I always use parchment, too.

    Jane x


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