Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Dining Room Pics and Colorful Blooms In The Garden

Hello there! How is your week going? Mine has been pretty quiet, which is always good. :) 

Several blogger friends of mine have been organizing little parties on Instagram using the hashtag #showcaseyourspace. Each week they have a different theme. Recently the theme was "lighting" so I decided to participate and link up this pic of my foyer...

There were so many beautiful pics linked up. Lots of inspiration. Since my house was clean, I decided to snap a few more pics of my dining room. 

I really want to do something with the chandy over the table in here. Painting it might be an option as well as removing the shades and replacing the bulbs with something prettier. Maybe those perfectly round bulbs? However, I still love my carriage house light in the foyer. 

I love this room so much more now with the lighter paint color. It really opened it up. You can tell in the pic above and below how different the paint looks, depending on what time of day and how much sunlight there is. 

On to the backyard...the Vitex trees are in full bloom right now...

Love their purple color!

The yellow Esperanza is working its magic too. It'll bloom the entire summer. 

It's really starting to heat up here in Texas. After snapping these pics, I was a sweaty mess. Lol! Time to stock the fridge with Gatorade. :)

What's blooming where you live?



  1. LOVE that foyer light and I even like the dining room one! I have never seen a Vitex tree! It is gorgeous and reminds me of our lilac trees! Is it scented? Lovely home AND gardens, Lisa!!! xo Diana

  2. I love your first pic showing your front door with the stained glass window above it! It reminds me of an old fashioned historic home. I took the shades off of my dining room chandy and painted it a couple of years ago. It was a great way to change the look without costing a fortune. Your flowers are all so pretty in your yard. I love purple flowers. I was just walking my dog this morning and saw some beautiful flowers in my neighbors yard that got me wanting to go buy more for my yard. She had some beautiful perinneals.

  3. Your house and gardens are so pretty!

    When it's not raining it's hot and steamy here in Dallas. We'll take it though. No More Drought!

  4. Love the light over your foyer!! Your dinning room looks gorgeous too. The lighter paint really made a big difference 😊
    I always enjoy your garden pictures. You guys have done a great job of landscaping! I just told my hubby that I'd like to plant a hydreangea bush just so I can bring the blooms indoors. They're so pretty and from what I've read they luke the sun which we get lots of lol. What's the temperature over there? We're in the mid 70's and our evenings are breezy and cool right now! Going to enjoy it while it lasts!

    Have a lovely evening😊

  5. I just love vitex trees! I used to have one when we lived in Las Vegas. I hope I can plant one this summer!

  6. I really like the stained glass above your front door, Lisa. I can only imagine the wonderful play of colors when the sun shines through that. That Vitex is beautiful, and the Esperanza is so pretty. I have to take a closer look at the leaves on a shrub we have here -- it may be the same thing. It's pretty amazing how many things seem to absolutely flourish in our extreme heat -- here with our very dry conditions and in Texas with the humidity.

  7. Love your lighting Lisa. So pretty. Wow love those Vitex trees they are gorgeous. Enjoy today.

  8. Dang those yellow blooms ARE GORGEOUS!! Please post more pictures!

  9. Your home and garden look wonderful. I hope you have a good weekend.

    1. Thanks, Kim! Hope you have a good weekend too! Love these long weekends! :)

  10. You know how much I love gardening and your yard/gardens always make smile! You ROCK girl!!

    Always love seeing your pretty home! :)

    Jane x


  11. Your home looks so beautiful, Lisa. Love your garden! I wish our backyard would look that nice. It has been raining so much that we have not been able to get anything finished back there. Have a super great weekend! xxx Maria

  12. Seeing your dining area is like seeing an actual dining area of a royalty. The plates on the wall are amazingly complemented those painting of flowers. Also, the lighting of the mini chandelier added a dramatic effect. By the way, the flowers in your garden are so beautiful and I love every one of it. Thank you for sharing your little sanctuary with us, Lisa. More power!

    Van Lucas @ JPC Custom Homes


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